Raid Finder would be a very welcomed addition to Season of Discovery Phase 2

Though the raids themselves are easy enough to be completed in raid finder…Raid Finder itself is a terrible idea for the game. It was terrible when it was added in Cata, it’s terrible in retail and it would be terrible in SoD. The game doesn’t need random matchmaking for dungeons and raids. If you can’t find a pug because people have ridiculous requirements, than find a guild that matches your availability and shares your mindset for the game.

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but raid finder offers a wonderful alternative for players who are unable to dedicate themselves to a set schedule while still being able to experience the raids when they do find the free time to log onto the game.

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So does forming your own pug raid, you can do that any time you want and set your own requirements.

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I’m not playing or bothering with SoD because I found out that there were no queue systems other than for BGs.

I almost didn’t even get RDF in Wrath because of ppl like you.

When the time comes, you’re going to lose this battle, and RDF and LFR will be in all iterations of classic.

My demographic is going to squeeze yours out.


it can take a really long to form a pug raid though… and when a player is actively looking for members to join their pug raid, they cannot tend to any other real life responsibilities, they have to 100% focus on finding people to join their group.

raid finder offers the same experience as a pug raid while removing the hassle, i think its a great idea!

You know what else erodes traditional guild and social structures? Raid Finder.

If you’re looking for a lobby dungeon/raid simulator there’s always retail for you


People like me? So people that prefer to play with friends rather than dealing with terrible randoms that ruin the experience of everyone that gets stuck with them? I don’t care if it’s terrible players or meta slaves, randoms suck.


Go play Cata classic.


the great thing about Raid Finder is that it allows you to make new friends and then have more people to socialize with,

i would like to politely disagree with this statement for the reasons i stated above in this post.

thank you for your input, though :slight_smile:

Insert Pepe huffing copium meme
Sure lmao


I don’t want raid finder, I want a GUI for LFG.

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No ones makes friends in LFR

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i’ve made lots of friends in LFR… i remember i met a new friend in Dragonsoul LFR back in 2011 Catclysm and we still talk and do stuff together on WoW to this day.

i dont say this often but please, go to retail or cata if you want raid finder.

leave that garbage out of sod and any version of the classic era type of game thanks.

its a crap idea that would have equally crap results and would erode any pretense of being actually social and you know it.

go play retail or cata . leave this game alone.


The most simple solution is often the best.

Try to make friends.

I know it’s hard, especially when you have a victim complex, but practicing in wow will help you outside video games as well. Give it a try!


They don’t have time to practice because of all their responsibilities, they need a random friend finder for that


Great bait op, these people are debating you at face value. I KNEEL.

since there is raid finder in wotlk classic and retail, it only makes sense to bring raid finder to Season of discovery as well.

also if u dont want to use raid finder, you wouldn’t have to… u could still just join a guild and raid that way.

i dont see the problem with giving people more options to enjoy the raid.

listen . i know youre trolling so ill give ya the props that i even responded to you.

but your idea is terrible and people can make their own groups or whatever in very little time honestly.

nobody is holding them back from forming friendships with other people and getting groups together.

but ya ill stop responding to you cause its throwing good money after bad at this point and i dont want to do that.


exactly! people can make their own groups if they so choose, so why would it matter to you if other people use raid finder?

the fact that someone else uses raid finder does not detract from your experience of the raid with a guild, correct?