Raid Currency

A system should not be designed around preventing carries.

lol, you don’t raid do you?

But even with that example, farming LFR for currency would take much much much longer to acquire one piece vs farming higher difficulties. Let’s say something that would take four weeks of heroic raiding to buy, would now take you twelve weeks. Very few people would argue that that’s “efficient”

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Yes I understand the currency droprate difference. Though I feel your example of four weeks to twelve weeks is a bit outside the realm of possibility. By that point, a new raid could come out. That’s three months later.

We’re talking shadowlands here :slight_smile:

yes it is all in the numbers of the currency, LFR is not the place people would farm, thinking that is a laugh.

I wouldn’t count on anything new being added for Shadowlands. Sounds more like a concept made for a new expansion moving forward that follows the release schedules we used to have.

With that, I’ve given my thoughts and I hope the discussion continues to evolve well! Time to get back to work. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah I certainly don’t think it’s something they could reasonably sneak into this coming patch.

But I appreciate everyone’s contributions to this thread, discussions like these that don’t devolve into name calling or derailing are good for GD.

meh, there isn’t as much as that as people make out on game specific topics. It is usually only the ‘other’ types of threads that people do that.

I really don’t see how you could be fair to all the different difficulties though with this type of system. Far too often these systems are useless to people doing LFR because they have a staggered release and blizzard has the mistaken impression LFR is easier to get gear from.

What about 13 times + vault and still nothing?
I pretty much gave up at this point.

Back to the thread, Wrath had perfect Badge system imho.

I hear you. That many times is really sad.

I stand by my point though. 1 kill is too few to unlock purchasing loot, but 13 is too many.

they really need to start being smart about assassination rogues and daggers - I remember this issue from MoP already.

Why should rogues have to kill a boss twice whereas people using 2 handers only have to kill once. It isn’t like rogues are going to do twice as much damage with 2 weapons - that is balanced out.

I think the topic of LFR in general probably deserves its own thread. My personal feeling is that it serves as more of a “story-mode” for players that don’t like to adhere to a guild schedule/pug but also want to experience the lore/story as it relates to the raid for that expansion or patch. There’s also a handful of people that run it for transmog/mount chances, I’d personally love to see a pie chart with the breakdown of motivating factors for players that participate in LFR.

Again this is a subject for another day that definitely deserves attention.

I used to do it all the time in MoP for gear. They have made it useless to do now because it is often too difficult for the groups and the rewards are so mediocre. Blizzard needs to determine what it is for and soon because if it is story mode and for transmog no need to make groups wipe at all.

I would do it if it was quick but otherwise it is a waste of my time for the rewards and I just don’t do at all.

The biggest problem with these discussions is people seem to have completely forgot we had a great system in game from Cata to MoP with Justice and Valor Point vendors. The valor point system we got back is an insult to what it used to be.

All Blizzard would really have to do is add both back and adjust it accordingly for M+ and Mythic Raid difficulties. The old system was also not “free loot” due to weekly caps. It was more of a bad luck protection for mains and catch up gear for alts.

All in all there doesn’t need to be some new fancy system or currency added when Blizzard threw a perfectly good working one into the trash like they seem to love doing with some good features.

I can tell you exactly why currency doesn’t exist to target specific pieces of gear.

Greed and business choices.

They see the hard to get drops with low drop rate as “high replay value” even after an expansion is done for people to farm transmogs. They can be at that for months sometimes with no success.

It’s part of the thing that almost makes me quit this game from time to time.

The reason why they took care of this with PvP and let people target pieces is because they made all the gear cost marks of honor, which leaves people farming honor to collect old pvp gear for transmog.

I’ve often been an advocate of currencies for raid gear and M+ especially for the transmog reason.

What I propose as a good middle ground: increase personal loot drop rate by about 10% higher than it is right now. In addition to that, instead of the incredible vault of useless wonders that gives us absolutely nothing useful 9 out of every 10 weeks… let each boss drop a token and have pieces of gear cost certain amounts. Obviously more tokens for more rare items (legendary bow, example) but, a bosses loot table is only unlocked to you if you have beaten that boss at least once on whatever difficulty you want to purchase it.

Of course, heroic items cost more than normal items (legendary bow, for example - i know, i keep picking on it).

Use this system also going forward so that people can still farm transmogs with the old system… but still target very hard to get pieces that are incredibly low drop rate. Or, you can even increase the amount after the current raid tier is no longer relevant. If you want players to spend some time to get the legendary bow for example you can make legacy loot require 5 tokens or whatever is reasonable for a super rare piece of gear.

This system gives far better “loot protection” against getting no drops in raids… because after 2 or 3 weeks you can still target a hard to get piece of loot… for me it’s been any type of good shield, just can’t get them to drop on any toon.

I would be far more motivated to keep farming a raid and attending if I knew i was collecting a currency that would ultimately unlock the item I want, instead of the infinite hamster wheel of RNG.

Make the vault more like a shop IMO and spend these tokens there.

They did this. It worked great, which is why they got rid of it. You will stop raiding if you get what you want, so the game is designed to give you what you don’t want/need over and over to keep you coming back, searching for that tiny hit of dopamine. That’s seems to be current thinking on the matter. Same thought process behind the mage tower HUGE frustration and angst for that wee shot of dopamine.

The declining player base shows that they need more dopamine, less work.

But here is the thing… what they need to do is design a game with less sytems and far far more alt friendliness such as account bound currencies (anima, stygia, stygian embers, etc etc) so that people can jump right into alt gearing and have a blast.

I haven’t played that many alts at all this expansion because it’s a waste of time and far too much time to spend per alt just to get to the point where you can farm gear… if they made a FUN game… that encouraged you to play more alts, MORE people would play, and probably buy more tokens and spend more time on alts raiding.

Instead we have this incredibly NOT FUN system of system upon system upon system upon grind upon grind that by the time I’m done one character and don’t get a few pieces i really want I just quit for several months and wind up hating the game more until one day I will finally call it quits.

If you create something FUN that REWARDS being engaged with the game for longer period of time on alts, the people WILL COME and they WILL SPEND MONEY rather than use it as a means to pass time when they are bored.

Another example (and yes i know, it’s not “required” to play an alt but it would have made it far more fun) is if Sanctum unlocks had been account wide rather than character wide. For example Kyrian… I did path of ascension once, will never ever do it again. It’s like 70,000 anima total on top of around 500 boss fights in a vehicle combat system (account for all the wipes. If you were to one shot everything its at minimum 70 boss fights).

I have like 3 Kyrian alts that I haven’t touched cause everytime I log on I realize oh crap I have to do sanctum stuff all over again just to get a portal? Nah, I’m out… and log off.

But unlocking it once per account per sanctum… far more reasonable. It’s completely fair you should have to unlock each sanctum once all the way through as it’s a different story line and rewards.

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I actually don’t agree with this part of your post but the dopamine thing is spot on.

People still continued to raid back when gearing was more linear and BiS wasn’t extremely RNG gated. If anything LFR might suffer but the other difficulties should flourish. This would have potential to push some heroic guilds into mythic because they want better gear and feel like they have a chance at taking down some of the bosses.

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Loot should go back to pre legion system. Bring back tier sets, bring back special effects on items like extra fire damage , healing, crit bla bla.

Heroic needs to be gone, so we have normal and mythic. As well with dungeons. Normal and mythic, with mythic+ being gone.

Right now we have way to much sources of gear and way to much ilvl difference. Make instances more accessible, but as well with only two difficulty make the jump from one to another noticeable. And mythic gear should be mythic gear, same quality even dungeon and raid, with exceptions raids having items sets dungeons having special effects on items .

Problem solved

Still gotta kill the boss.

Double benefitting mythic raiders with better gear and more gear is lame imo.