Raid Consulting Services

Good Afternoon,

As the title specifies, I am a 12/12 Mythic Raider and I am a Raid Consultant looking for a guild to transfer to. I am also the contact point for a large team of Top NA Horde and Alliance players that are looking to become raiders on your raid team. Our group plays multiple classes & roles and can fit whatever need your guild has.

I’m noticing that the Incognito Raid Transfer service is the most popular. We would come in to your guild as a trial, and help you overcome the serious hurdles facing your progression all the way from Maut to N’zoth, while doing Log Reviews and handling all the mechanics. Come ask me more!

You can reach me at my discord:

About us: We are a team of dedicated Cutting Edge raiders and previous top NA raiders that are looking to continue playing, and helping out our raiding community. We are professional, mature, and respectful adults that are just looking to tackle new challenges!

What it is: Raid Consulting is a personalized and tailored approach to helping your guild achieve their raiding goals in a professional and respectful manner. In the current atmosphere of WoW it seems that all services are targeted to individual success while leaving out a core aspect of the game, our guild. We are here to help guilds achieve the goals they are looking for.

We have several different options to help your guild overcome a challenge they are facing in the current tier. Our team will help analyze your logs, go over VODs, and even break down the fight with you current leadership. We also offer more hands-on approaches to helping overcome a boss. We have Raid Leader services, Progression Raider Transfer service, Post-fight Coaching, and Incognito Raid Helper service.

You can also reach me at Recon#4173 for Discord or Recond#11134 for Bnet.

Thank you