Raid Adjustments Discussion

Its been a few days blizzard! let us know whats up. Thx


theres still coordination needed and a level of competence. doesn’t stop bad tanks not kiting birds, raid standing in clouds and the mechanics of the advisors. only people this help is guilds dps lagging behind by 30seconds and i don’t care that much anymore 8 weeks in. wow logs has the top 3 guilds already, the race is over

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It’s time, bring the nerfs. The guilds that are struggling, are struggling to the attrition,comp and simply not collectively good enough bosses.

Time won’t fix this.


Inb4 announcement at like 8pm PST that nerfs are tomorrow lol


That will not happen. They cant continue to hype SoM and pivot to private server model without first massacring TBC to get away from “no change” which they did so cleanly by changing all the core PVP elements to begin with. Once “no changes” dies with TBC, they think they are free to start rolling out seasons of A B C, when in reality people will just let the sub run and go back to another tbc server that left well enough alone.


We’re still discussing this and looking at options from a design perspective. We haven’t made any decisions yet, and we won’t be making any changes of this sort in the next week.

Please feel free to continue the discussion, as your feedback is highly valuable to us.

Thank you.


Simply nerf the Vash P3 will be fine at this moment. Make the MC crowd controllable will be enought.


Thanks for the update!

Nerf next week then, that post teased us hard :smile:

Just nerf when new raid comes out, no need to water down current content.


Why would you nerf something now instead of just nerfing it at start of phase 3 like you did with phase 1 content?

It still allows people to continue progressing through current content and for high end guilds to continue improving their speedrun times without changing anything while it’s relevant content.


The Vashj mc change is the biggest need. Everything else can go in later


Thanks for the update Kaivax!

If your team sees fit to nerf before the release of P3 or sooner (i have already posted my feedback regarding such), please let us know well in advance! That way, guilds can make informed decisions on what to push before the nerf. By doing so, you are setting up guilds for success and they have the best opportunity to meet their goals accordingly.


Do what you did in phase 1. Release phase 3 faster and release the nerfs in phase 3. You promised us pre-nerf content for a whole phase.


Remove half the trash. Bosses can retain their difficulty if we don’t spend half the raid night on clearing to the bosses. Improves performance while keeping the “pride” of killing things before a nerf.


I can see why retail became the abomination that it is now, the community has some awful takes on “good changes”.

Nerf in P3, not before.


Mama didn’t raise no b!*ch. Keep it the same until next phase and don’t cater to the lower denominators.


If you’re going to do anything, reduce the amount of trash somehow, dont nerf the bosses before P3. Most guilds are not killing Kael/Vashj because they cant get enough attempts in for progression because of how long it takes to get to them paired with the amount of raid nights people can attend. The bulk of the TBC player base no longer can raid 5 nights a week like we could back in the day without a care in the world. I think this is a realistic “change” but definitely dont think the bosses need to be tuned down, people just need to get more solid attempts in.


I think the two biggest things you can implement to assist those who are struggling are;

  1. Remove the current phase 2 raid attunements
  2. Nerf trash

Point one, the largest contribution to guilds struggling are not directly the in-game Bosses but rather the roster boss. While it is natural to lose members, replacing them can be a struggle especially if you are sub 8/10. This will lower the bar to entry. Point two, while the Bosses are clearly killable I think the tighter raiding time of more casuals guilds limits them on actual progression. If trash is easier raiders will get to spend more time working on boss mechanics and not feel robbed of the experience.

Just my opinions as a 10/10 raider and Officer.


Keep the bosses as is.

Nerf the trash. That can take a multitude of forms. Also, increase the respawn timers of said trash such as KT.

Essentially if you want to increase people’s success on the end bosses, give them more time to work on those bosses by nerfing the trash so people are fresher and have more time.

You can also consider wipe recovery for SSC, a punishing wipe costs a lot.

Besides these mechanics in the game, you can also look at finding ways to increase the population of raiders for raid teams to pull from especially on the smaller servers. That might mean merging servers or implementing cross-realm server functions like in retail.

If you don’t want to do anything with servers, then remove the requirements to get attuned to the raids so that there are still other players you can pull from.


dont change anything.