Raging Tempests Gear. Can we get it now?

There’s a drop down that says primal storms, and they’re level 60 gear according to wowhead. How do we get them though? It’s not from the vendor.


They should be. I just completed the prepatch plate set. That being Firestorm Armor (Primal Storms).

oh yeah it’s not that one, it’s the raging tempests stuff, it’s the set third from the top in the appearance collection

Came here to find out how to get the raging tempest blue set. It looks amazing, it sais you can get it from a vendor… but what vendor? Where? How? :frowning: I need this in my life lmao


i’m with you guys, wowhead was the FIRST place i looked to find the vendor of the raging tempest plate set, and they ain’t got jack squat on the source, c’mon blizzard, what’s the point of putting really cool transmog sets in the game, if you’re not gonna give us the source on where to get them?

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I think this gear refers to the primal storms that are supposed to be in dragonflight. So technically not in game yet. Wowhead hasnt really put any info on these yet.


yeah i totally need this gear set tell can we get it before the expansion?

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I would like to know as well, these sets look fantastic.

I don’t know if anyone else noticed, but there were originally 5 different color variants for the Raging Tempest set, but now there’s only 3. don’t know what happened, but I really want all 5, so i hope the other 2 come back.

Hi dragon flight has started the vendors name is retheisi in the saphire enclave in valdrakken you need to turn in older gear and storm sigils hope this helps im trying to get it now myself. If anyone has tips on how i can start my questline towards my preist mount thatd be awesome thx

But where do u get the older gear? I don’t ever remember receiving ilevel 350 gear for the tempests sets :worried: