Quivering Blob - Throne of Thunder

(Scårletråveñ) #1

Not the Dark Quivering Blob that drops on Throne of Thunder (normal/heroic)…

It says that this pet is only available while doing LFR for Throne of Thunder. Since you can’t do a LFR for Throne of Thunder anymore, how is one to get this without paying over 500k on the AH? I have yet to see this thing on the AH for anything below the 500k.

(Chilela) #2

You can still do Throne of Thunder LFR. There’s an NPC in the Pandaria archeology area near the capitals that will let you queue for LFR solo.

(Taleranor) #3

If I recall correctly, there’s an NPC in the room atop the Mogu’shan Palace in Vale of Eternal Blossoms which allows you to queue up for old Pandaren scenarios and raids on a solo basis. Lorewalker Han.

(Scårletråveñ) #4

Thanks guys! Will check it our tomorrow :slight_smile:

(Chilela) #5

Good luck - I think the drop rate on it is pretty low, as is the drop rate on the rest of the ToT/SoO pets.


Since you didn’t seem to know about the LFR solo queue until now, you may also be in luck regarding old LFR transmog items (or rather, their color variations).

(Neall) #7

You can (now) queue for all LFR’s:

Dragonsoul - NPC immediately outside the instance
MoP - NPC at the Seat of Knowledge (also NPC’s for Scenarios there)
WoD - NPC in your Garrison - on the way from your town hall to your menagerie - blind orc sitting on the ground
Legion - NPC in Legion Dalaran near the Violet Hold Dungeon - where you used to pick up weekly quests / opposite of the bonus roll token NPC

(Scårletråveñ) #8

Well, just did the LFR and he dropped only the Dark Quivering Blob, but the loot table says he is supposed to drop the Quivering Blob…Not happy about this…

I tried to put in a ticket to see if he drops both pets in LFR, but it says I can’t put in a ticket and when I try it says I have to fill out the form, which I did 4 times and still gave me the error message all 4 times.


LFR loot table just shows drops that can only happen in LFR. Most of the stuff from Normal and Heroic can still happen in LFR. And since drop rate for Dark Quivering seems to be a lot higher – Wowhead doesn’t even know what rate is for the other Quivering – you’re more likely to get the Dark.

(Gianavel) #10

There’s a comment on the Dark Quivering Blob on Wowhead from someone that this also happened to, and they were told it was unintended and that they should put in a bug report.

That comment was from July '18, so it’s a really high priority bug¡


Notice that the very next comment on that forum post, 4 days later, says the opposite.:
Well, I got the Dark Quivering Blob again yesterday, put in a ticket and they told me everything was fine. It would still drop in LFR, there is no bug, it just got a very low drop rate

Not only is this confusing to us players, apparently the Blizzard support people don’t fully understand how it works either.

(Maizou) #12

Both of the pets seem to drop in LFR now for some reason.

The other one does still drop in LFR though.

(Scårletråveñ) #13

I got an answer back to my ticket, and the GM said there is a known bug that is causing it to drop the wrong pet, and the developers do know about it. The person said they were passing the information I put in the ticket along to the devs who have been looking into the problem.

The GM said Primordius should not be dropping the Dark Quivering Blob in LFR, only the Quivering Blob.

Glad to know that they already know about this bug and are trying to work on it :slight_smile:

(Gianavel) #14

Weird. I don’t see that comment at all. Of course, now Scårletråveñ has posted that they were told it IS a bug…


Sorry, I was looking at Wowhead comments for the Quivering Blob, not the Dark Quivering. That’s where I got my quote from. Isn’t saying you can’t get the Quivering drop, just can also get the Dark one, which of course isn’t nearly as good to get. Still should emphasize need to understand the Drop Tables from Wowhead, LFR one is for drops you can only get in LFR, doesn’t mean can’t also get some of the other ones.

(Maizou) #16

If it’s any consolation, the wowhead page has comments confirming that people have had both pets drop in LFR post 8.0.

So the LFR-only pet does still drop at least. Just somehow the Normal/Heroic pet also got added to the loot table.

(Loncis) #17

I’m wondering how you got there in the first place. After I killed Ji-Kun, I could progress no further. The alcove to the southwest did not unblock.

(Maizou) #18

Ji-Kun isn’t part of Primordius’s LFR wing?

Primordius’s LFR wing is Durumu, Primordius and Animus.

You want Halls of Flesh Shaping.

Pretty sure Ji-Kun is the last boss of his wing.

(Loncis) #19

That is incorrect.

Durumu comes after Ji-Kun.


Maizou is correct. I’ve been doing this weekly for quite some time now. “The Halls of Flesh Shaping” is Durumu, Primordius and Animus. Ji-Kun is the last boss of the LFR queue “Forgotten Depths” (Tortos, Megaera, and Ji-Kun)