Quiver weapon speed

Anyone know if quivers work the same as Juju flurry? As in lowering attack speed but also lowering attack damage by the same %. If you have any links to prove either way, that would be awesome.

They don’t do that.

Evidence: I can read a tooltip.

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The OP is referring to weapon normalization.

Weapon normalization only effects the weapon’s base swing timer.

Added haste effects are buffs and as such provide no detriment.


Finish farming your blue dragon sinew. It sucks, but you are hurting yourself without it.

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No I’m refering to the recent discovery that Juju flurry is worthless as it provides reduced attack speed at the cost of attack damage.

Does the quiver have the same effect? someone that actually knows would be great.

also my quiver is the same attack speed increase harpy hide is 15% also so stuff getting the other for only 2 extra slots.

Test it. Go shoot some mobs and see if your damage per hit is lower. Generally, your damage range in the character sheet also changes for effects like that. So if you equip a quiver and your damage range doesnt change, then in all likelihood it doesnt decrease your damage.

I’m 99% sure it doesn’t change your damage per shot. That’s something hunters would have noticed long long ago.

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Dps doesn’t change if I put the arrows in the quiver or remove them on the character sheet, So that has me thinking I might be on to something. I really didn’t want to go do 1000+ hits to determine if it is in effect less damage but also faster. :frowning:

No, what I mean is. Unequip your quiver, then mouse over your ranged attack in character sheet. Now equip your quiver and mouse over it.

I suspect you’ll see that attack speed changes, but damage per shot does not. Meaning the quiver is a straight dps upgrade.

Which bag your arrows are in doesnt matter. Only whether your quiver is slotted or not.

Good point, tried it and it does change in the character sheet. So it doesn’t matter if my arrows are shooting from my bag or my quiver, just that I have a quiver equipped. Thanks Dot.

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On my hunter I avoid having a quiver equipped. I figure if I am shooting faster, I am using up more arrows per minute. That’s more money, right?

Maybe I would change that, if I was trying to maximize my DPS. But I’m not. In fact it’s the opposite: I am trying to avoid pulling aggro off my pet (or the group’s tank).


Oh, God.

I hope you’re serious.