Quick question for SoD

So last night in a pug gnomergan after clearing the last boss i won the token for tier chest, a rogue offered me 50g for it, i politely declined as i need it and if i didnt i wouldn’t have rolled, but he was persistent. My question is if i had given in to peer pressure and sold him the item would that not have fallen under the gdkp ban?

You probably won’t get a definite official answer here. But players will weigh in with their opinions.

I don’t have an opinion, so I won’t weigh in.


Kind of a grey area. I would say no since this kinda thing happens alot on both retail and classic realms. If it was seen as gdkp and got reported. Blizz would have looked at chat/transaction logs to determine it.

Yes, that could have caused you to be penalized. Going strictly by the rules outlined by Blizzard for SOD.

What exactly constitutes a “gold bid” or GDKP raid?

  • We’re defining GDKP as any raid or dungeon run where items are awarded in exchange for gold. Please note that we have multiple detection methods for GDKP that are effective both inside and outside of dungeon or raid instances.

I would not, in any way, exchange an item for gold outside of the AH.


Thats what i was thinking and told him as much, thanks green person :slight_smile:

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I would disagree. The links say “all loot”, and “items are awarded in exchange for gold”. The item was awarded based on a roll. What the winning player does with the item after winning the roll is their choice.

But I would qualify that with: if you’re not sure, don’t do it. Even if it’s all just fine, the 50g the other player is offering could’ve been stolen gold, and you’ll get caught up in that way.

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I was thinking about that too, but it is so easy to game it and just say that everyone agrees to roll, then pay. So not knowing what detection methods they have in place, I would avoid it.

Technically it is exchanging a loot item for gold, even if it was first awarded via roll. Not worth getting in trouble.

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Yes, and I know groups would start using it. I think Blizzard can easily see that all the loot was awarded by rolls, and this one piece was a unique offer to trade it.

If they start seeing runs where everyone rolls, then all loot is placed up for the highest bid, then that’s different and they would definitely not allow that.

100% here. If you have to ask if it’s ok, probably best to avoid it.

We don’t have any way to know if they are analyzing the entire logs of a raid and all interactions, or have a system set up to detect raid items being exchanged for gold as individual events. If it works like most Blizzard things, the entire context is not usually reviewed. It is the individual events per person they deal with.


Just seems super risky and I would never suggest someone even try it by hoping for a full in depth analysis of the raid logs to prove they were not quite exactly breaking the rules. Seems a gamble.