Questions Regarding Potential Outlaw Solo Build [DF]

For context, here’s the Outlaw Build I’m currently looking at:


  • Will Ambush produce 3 combo points base, totaling 6 when it double-hits via “Hidden Opportunity”?
    • Will this increase to 4/8 combo points when considering “Seal Fate” and the fact that Ambush is a combo point generator?
  • Can more than one combo point be charged via “Heavy Hitter” with consecutive uses/hits of Ambush?
  • Does “Heavy Hitter” charge on Ambush use, or Ambush dealing damage (does it work with “Hidden Opportunity”?
  • Is there any concern in PvP about the potential to fit 6 heavy-hitting Ambushes within the first 3 seconds after existing stealth? (See “Subterfuge” + other talents which benefit Ambush).
  • Will “Fan the Hammer” additional half-cost pistol shot procs work to trigger “Audacity”?
  • Will supercharged combo points count towards the use of 7 combo points for “Restless Blades”?

I think you get where I’m going with this… this all sounds super fun, I just don’t know how synergistic these talents would actually be in practice. Wanted to confirm.

Edit: Additional questions which become possible with slight tweaks to the build:

  • For the Roll the Bones benefit which increases the chance for Sinister Strike to hit twice, would that work with Ambush as well?

We dont have alpha bro.

The question is aimed at Blizzard more than anybody, since many talents are [NYI]. Even if we had Alpha access, many of these questions couldn’t be answered yet.

Yeah but those are usually tested and confirmed by players in the alpha. You can see a few qusstions in the rogue alpha thread. Gotta find one of those guys to ask if you want blizz to see it

I believe JPC mentioned in a recent video with Maximum, that a lot of NYI talents for Rogues will be there in the next Alpha patch. So we may have answers sooner than later.

Indeed. It’ll be interesting to see what gets unveiled tomorrow.

The ambush build is probably totally dead since like two people complained about having to hit Shadowdance in the alpha thread so they just totally removed it from Restless Blades but yes, you would get 3 CP from Ambush and 6 on proc, animacharged finishers count as 7 for RB, SnC would increase the chance of Ambush proc as well, and with the current tree you will literally never have Fan the Hammer and Audacity at the same time.

Ambush build via Shadowdance, yes, but the build to utilize Fan the Hammer for extra half-cost pistol shots is still very much a possibility. The “uptime” on being able to use Ambush should be fairly comparable too.

If you’re somehow grabbing audacity while making your way down the right hand side of the tree you’re already griefing because you have to lose 35% increased dispatch damage to take it or toss things that are literally just better options.