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can i get people’s opinion on binding priority? how many tanks actually need TF in a guild? unfortunately my guild hasnt gotten a set of bindings with 2 raids almost since sept/october, but weve gotten 3 garr bindings. guild is saying we need to prio to all of our tanks for naxx… i dont think this sort of min/max should really be given that much priority over someone being able to get a chance at bindings that not a tank. Opinions?

It should go to your tanks. Period.

If you’re not tanking and you want TF make a pug MC with bindings res when your guild no longer requires it.


yeah but at this point how many tanks need it? ive seen numerous people with tf on rogues, some pallies, some hunters(yeah i know pallies and hunters are just for memes). where do you draw the line between a guild needing 8 tanks with bindings and people getting the chance to get one on a dps?

There is no line to draw. TF on tanks is better value for the guild as a whole. If you’re wanting it as a DPS you’re prioritizing yourself over your guild.


people play this game to enjoy the game and have fun. where do u draw the line thinking min maxing culture takes prio over this?

Again, you are prioritizing yourself, over your guild. If you want all the loot, leave your guild and make reserved pugs.


you dont understand it do you? not every tank in the guild needs thunderfury…

Thunderfury is the BiS tank weapon forever. There was tanks using it in black temple. The AoE threat generation is simply insane.

That being said if your guild is lucky with drops and you’re not PUGing I would expect a bare minimum of 2 tanks to be prio’d the bindings before any dps be given a shot at it. Don’t forget you need an absolute minimum of 4 very very well geared tanks to clear 4 horseman. Older strats called for 8.

If your guilds been lucky with drops and they’re still prioritizing bindings to tanks on the 4th or 5th one, I would maybe ask why. But it’s not exactly a poor decision.

And what if the tanks with tf quit the game? Quit the guild? Have schedule changes, or any other myriad of issues that could come up that prevent them from raiding with you eternally.

Well now you have a rogue with tf instead of an additional tank.
It has the most value, for your guild, on tanks. Period.


I understand its bis for a long while, but theres also a lot of arguments for rogues getting it as well. A guild doesnt need 6 tanks with thunderfury.

All guilds need tanks with thunder fury. No guilds need a rogue with it.


i understand what youre saying but youre completely shutting out the other side of the aisle because youve been focusing on the tank prio argument over anything. Your bias is showing in this thread and it makes no room for discussion

As a DPS warrior I could see getting one if you’re open to offtanking after the first 2 completed ones or so…But in a guild run I can’t see anyone giving it to a rogue since it’s just not that great for them to begin with. As the game gets older it’ll probably just get prio’d to the most dedicated/long term players. But there’s also a chance you’ll never even complete a single set like our guild in vanilla.

I think most guilds who’ve given it to rogues did so because they have a wierd loot system/no rules in place for it, had no dedicated warriors mains in the raid, won it in some wierd pug where it wasn’t reserved, or they’re some big streamer personality.

You may understand what I’m saying but I don’t think you understand the concept of a guild.

The guild should always have the best interest for the guild as a whole. This means giving tanks, off tanks, people who can fill in as tanks, and anyone else who could potentially be a tank TF over someone who can’t.

You seem to want TF as some sort of clout/show off item. This has no value to your guild. It only has value to yourself. This would not be in the best interest of your guild.

it has nothing to do with clout or showing off, it has everything to do with enjoying the game, having fun, and having a chance at an item like thunderfury. some people came back to play classic to experience things that they never got to experience in vanilla, even having the chance at an item like this is fine in this sense. But this much prio on an item in a game like this that wont last a lifetime and make it so thunderfury is the all time best tanking weapon forever. We play this game for fun and future memories, being able to talk about how much fun we had and stuff, but the argument every tank needs it no matter what is not convincing

If you want it so badly then organize a pug with the bindings reserved. Very simple solution.


people have cleared naxx with 2 TFs without problems

You’ll never get enough tanks with TF for it to “not” be tank priority. It doesn’t matter if your top tanks already have one. You can’t predict the future. Most players will quit before Naxx, which includes tanks. If you only slot this on a few tanks, and they don’t stick around for all content, then you’ll later wish you didn’t give one to a dumb rogue. I should point out that DPS warriors always have the option of switching to tank in the future if there is a need. Rogues have no such option. So one way or the other, it goes to warriors.


If you want priority, run a PuG; it’s literally that simple. If your guild requires you to be in their MC run, then look for a new guild.

Sure. Don’t run MC with them then.

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i guess ive heard the overwhelming opinion on it being only a tank weapon. i made this thread to pick peoples brains on it so looks like i was in the wrong. Thanks for your comments