Question on Trust Level 3

If you lose it on one character, can you get it again on another character, how does all that work? Or once you lost it, does it mean you’ve lost it for life?

If it decayed because you didn’t maintain your activity, you can get it back. If you lost it due to a penalty, the official statement is that it’s gone for good, but some players and cs reps have reported that it is possible to reclaim it. Just slowly.

Nobody knows how the “redemption” process actually works, however.


I think it depends on how you lost it. If you just got a few minor infractions then you might even be able to re-earn it on that character or on any other. But if you got a major ban I believe that marks your whole account so you can’t get it on any character.

Everything about these forums is vague and Blizz for whatever reason refuses to clarify anything.


I won’t go into on what happened, as it is against the rules, but this is how I feel right now…

That I should have honestly stayed in the goody-good place and not posted anything on the general forum at all. But then again, I suppose the general forum hasn’t been all bad this past year, I’ve enjoyed the joking back and forth with Penumbrae in that divorce thread lol


Right now there is no way to earn TL3 again, however they’re thinking and planning on adding on a way to re earn it.

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Yeah I will be honest if I knew there was a way to earn it again, I might not have been quite so brutal in expressing myself when that whole hong kong fiasco was happening, I would have kept a lot of those thoughts to myself probably


What I understand is that TL3 is lost for good if someone reports you and you get a suspension.

Permanently gone.

Thing is, I’m not sure if TL3 matters all that much. TL2 seems to be good enough for what you need to do and to post links just add something like ~ at the beginning and the system takes it.

As for whether or not TL3 is lost/acquired on all your toons, I don’t think so but not sure.

They should never have implemented a trust level system. It’s not just insulting but abusive and isolating, which is terrible for an MMO.


If you feel the action was wrongful, file a ticket and attach a little question at the end of your appeal asking whether you can get TL3 back and, if so, how long it would take. They’ll be able to definitively clarify for you what the situation is.

Yeah. You can get a penalty for saying basically anything here. Especially if you inadvertently rustle a CM posting on one of their regular characters.


This is called censorship and controlled behaviour, where you cannot freely express your thoughts.

You can get a suspension for politely expressing your disagreement and still lose TL3 simply because someone reported you.

I lost it on my DK because I thought someone was making a joke and I added to it.
That hurt no one yet I was suspended. Now, I don’t care. Happens again and I’ll be gone.

This really isn’t worth the bother and is partly why so many have left.


While it doesn’t matter to me much, as a point of consideration I feel like reporting and suspension should decay after a certain point, and also be buffered against abuses of the system. Especially if the reporting is done time and again by a rabid E-Stalker, or someone who is singling you out.

Basically a means to defeat the “You disagree with me, therefore I will report till your silenced” crowds.



This is always going to be the case when you attempt to exercise free speech rights on a platform with a specific purpose designed by a company with specific interests.

We’re not allowed to discuss political events that aren’t related to the game we play, regardless of our stance on said events. And yet I wouldn’t consider the fact that those topics are taboo to be “censorship.”

You can’t report any more. It was replaced by the flagging feature, which does not automatically establish a penalty. I have had comments falsely flagged before, and nothing ever came of it. The penalty is only imposed if a CM reviews the issue.

Yeah sorry ;( but on the bright side eventually the forums will have a way to re earn it:). TL3 is alright, I’ve lost it a ton with decay, but I clawed my way back with my classic toon, just because I enjoyed posting on him more then my main.

I totally agree on the whole trust level system being isolating, it really does stink.

A lot of my forum friends got suspended within the last couple months and now they can’t post in the lounge :(. It’s been quite dead!

They should just buff TL2 so players can post gifs and links. And just make TL3 grants access to the lounge.

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Well I think TL’s are insulting, especially since we’re paying customers. I’m not one of those people who thinks the customer is always right, they’re not but I am one of those people who do think it’s just basic callousness and arrogance to implement a “chase the carrot” system when it’s not necessary.

That’s what TL’s are, a carrot system that will be abused, as it has been and will continue to be.

Blizzard won’t change til everyone’s gone. That’s the conclusion I’ve come to.

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I don’t like to go through the middle men sorry.

When did that change happen?

When I was reported was over a year ago, only 2nd time since 2011. The 1st time I asked for it, I can be stupid.

Still, I wish there were no TL’s, no limited likes and it’d be great if they had an ignore feature.


Exactly the same as it was before except they changed names flagging=reporting


Oh you won’t hear arguments from me. South Park summed what I think of the Lounge up quite nicely with their song “My Safe Space”. If we continue down the road that we are as a collective race, I fully expect we’ll come to a point where even a remote belief that you are voicing the wrong opinion on the forums results in an account closure.

That’s how insane things are getting. This is why I employ the concepts of Buddhism to let go of my desires before it happens, and I use Discord so that if it ever does happen, I can move with my friends to a medium; to a more worthy company where it does not happen.


For sure! I’m not sure why there is even a limit on likes, I can just swap to my Alts and spam likes all day on the same post :joy:

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Elae, this may help. I found it earlier. New Forum Guide - Syntax and Features

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