Question on the new Forums

Good morning Forums. I am attempting to recruit for my guild. I’ve found the easiest way to reply to someone’s LFG post has been to quote my LFM post since the new Forums don’t allow posting the same response to multiple topics.

This is working very well and I imagine is how the forums are designed to work. However, when I post my huge quote it’s not collapsing as well as some other quotes I’ve seen. In fact when I collapse the quote it flashes but still displays the full text.


Is there a trick to making it collapse neatly and hide half the post?

I posted a link to the post instead of a quote, is that more what you’re looking for?

Yes! How did you do that? Use the little chain icon to share it?

I copied the link from the address bar actually, I’m not sure what the chain does :open_mouth: