Question on Druid Forms

I am new and my 70 boost was a Druid. Love it so far… but when I go to the barber i see all these forms and cool things I can change into. How do I get those?

There are different ways that different forms unlock. (Oh, and once you’ve unlocked one, it’s available to all druids on your account, so they are one and done for the unlocks.)

The easiest is forms that are unlocked by using an item made by the inscription profession. (So, you can find them on the AH, with the exception of Mark of the Auric Stag, which you’ll need to put a work order in for if you aren’t a scribe yourself.) Edit: I just realized that the above link was missing a bunch of them. I can’t get a clean search on Wowhead for the rest, but all of the things with the type listed as “miscellanious” in this list are also made by scribes and can be found on the AH.

Next, a lot of forms are unlocked through the Legion Artifact. This was the main feature of the Legion expansion. When you start the expansion, you’ll get your first artifact pretty quickly, but unlocking all of the different skins and tints requires lots of Legion content. (I think it’s a great expansion with lots of story so worth doing. Also, at 70 you’ll blow through the content.)

Finally, there are a bunch of forms unlocked in various ways through doing content in the Emerald Dream in the current expansion. Here’s a guide to those:

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Lots and lots of different ways!

You want to focus on the ones you actuallky want first, because there are so many.

Which spec (and hence basic form) do you mostly use? Then look at the forms available for that one.

Then there are different forms depending on race.

I would start with the Legion Class Hall foms

And some new ones in Emerald Dream, one that drops from the world boss Aurostar, and one that can be collected.

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Thanks to both of you for the post… didn’t know those pages existed, helps soooo much… again thank you.

Now to quit my job so I have enough time to play :stuck_out_tongue:

and what do I search for on auction house for the forms on there?

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Oh here’s another guide, that looks more comprehensive!

I don’t know which Druid forms can be found on the Auction House, apart from Glyphs that affect forms. Glyph of Stars makes your humanoid form glowy instead of turning you into a Moonkin, and some other Glyphs that randomise your appearance. Glyph of the Cheetah makes thatyour grounded travel form, and Glyph of the Orca makes that your water form (now Travel Form in water :frowning: )

P.S, I just looked, and there are others. At least some are listed here:

Here’s the names of the glyphs and marks that will get added to the barber shop that you should be able to find on the AH:

Glyph of the Cheetah
Glyph of the Doe
Glyph of the Dolphin
Glyph of the Humble Flyer
Glyph of the Orca
Glyph of the Sentinel
Glyph of the Tideskipper
Mark of the Duskwing Raven
Mark of the Glomstalker Dredbat
Mark of the Midnight Runestag
Mark of the Regal Dreadbat
Mark of the Sable Adenmoth
Mark of the Shimmering Ardenmoth
Mark of the Twilight Runestag

I thought that they’d changed all of them to Marks, not Glyphs, but I can’t get in game right now to verify. (So, if “Glyph of the Doe” doesn’t have any results, try “Mark of the Doe”) For many of them, just typing in the name of the form like “Duskwing Raven” should get you to it pretty easily as well. (For others, like “Sentinel” the fact that it shows up a lot in gear names will give a lot of irreverent results.)

I can’t remember what category they are in on the AH (and I seem to remember where they put them isn’t very intuitive.)