Question on Draenor Pathfinder

I have no idea how to start the quest-line for Draenor Pathfinder. I did finish the Draenor Explorer part, but no idea how to start the “Loremaster of Draenor” to advance. Is there something I need to do before I start the quest-line maybe? I am new, about 3 weeks playing and did use a 120 boost.

Thanks for any help!

and yes I have used wowhead but I still cant get started on any of the quests

You basically just do the intro scenario starting at the portal in Blasted Lands, start your garrison, and get bread crumb quests into various zones from there.

Make sure you have low level quest tracking turned on if you are doing it on a 120.

Flying in WoD and Legion will no longer require pathfinder achievements when Shadowlands drops.

Right, but that is like 6 months away?

Yes, it’s set for 4th quarter 2020. No date known as of this point. If you don’t plan on visiting those zones for any reason (leveling alts, farming old content, etc), there isn’t much point in doing the achievements since you won’t need them once Shadowlands drops.

I think getting WOD pathfinder now is a waste of time. I’ve leveled many alts 90-100 on the ground and it only took about 4 hours each with this exp buff. Questing is incredibly fast and you also get treasures and bonus objectives. You can buy 20% exp potions from your garrison as well.

I recommend the popular Azeroth autopilot addon for alts it really speeds up questing. One click at an npc Immediately turns in and picks up all quests. The addon puts a dynamic blinking green dotted line on your mini map that directs you on the most efficient route at all times.

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Really depends upon how many alts you plan on leveling through WoD between now and then. For 3-4 alts, I wouldn’t spend the time. You really won’t make up the time spent getting WoD Pathfinder unless you start getting into leveling 10 or so alts through the expansion with the current xp buffs.

I’d comment that the mount will still be a pathfinder reward in Shadowlands, so if it’s something you want, I’d do it now with the rep buff up regardless of the flying situation.

Edit: This is why I shouldn’t be posting when I should be sleeping. The rep bonus doesn’t work in Draenor. Still, the thing about the mount still stands. If it’s something you’re interested in, then Pathfinder is worth it, and then you might as well get it done before you trek a bunch of alts through the expansion.

If you do go for WoD Pathfinder, get the add on HandyNotes and it’s subordinate add on for Draenor Treasures. It will mark the location of all treasures on your map.