Question for new player

So I am new and am having a lot of fun and I convinced a friend to give the game a try. So when I started a week or so ago I bought the War Within pre-purchse and have found myself really overwhelmed with all the quests and things I have to do. Every zone I fly to some NPC follows me around until I take every quest. I have liek 30 quests and no idea what I need to do and what is optional. Now this may be normal even if I bought DF instead and there lies my question:

Is my friend better off just buying Dragonflight and starting from the beginning, or are there huge in game/quest/advancement advantages outside of getting all 424 gear?

Like I noticed that my DF Pathfinder is completely empty and have done nothing, but my guildie told me if I had started with Dragonflight I would have doen that quest chain by default… so now I have to go do it ANYWAY if i want Pathfinder. I get renown 20 with all the faction on TWW on day 1… but is that worth it?

Things like that - What say you?

I think it’s probably better for a new player to level up the old fashioned way the first time. (Things will still be overwhelming at 70 this late in an expansion as all of the end game quests open up, but at least you’ll have a better grasp on the basics.)

Boosts don’t expire, so they can get the War Within and then save the boost for somewhere down the line. (Everyone needs alts!) If they do level manually, they can just buy a subscription right now to play up to 60 to make sure it’s something they want to continue with before investing more.

Once you’re ready to go past 60, War Within is the better option money-wise if you’re reasonably sure you want to play the expansion when it comes out. It doesn’t affect the current content. The only difference between buying Dragonflight and War Within right now is the free boost (and saving the cost of buying Dragonflight). The actual War Within content won’t be out until later in the year.

As far as the boost goes, it’s not a bit deal to get caught up to what the boost gets you just playing normally. (And on a bigger server, you can get some gear that’s pretty close to the 424 from the AH pretty cheap.)