Question for grob transfer

Hello all. I’m looking for a good realm to transfer my alliance to. Currently, I’m on benediction and it’s nothing but boosters, gdkp’s, zero horde to farm and every single group appears to be foreign. Nothing wrong with foreign players as I’m use to it on private servers, but for whatever reason, communicating with foreign players is borderline impossible on bene. I’ve made 5 friends on here, all speak spanish and we have to use google translate just to communicate. It’s awful and disheartening, but we made it work for the most part.

My question is, is grobulus the same way? Are boosters and gdkps the main thang, is the population mainly english speaking and are alliance farmed on grob like on every other server? I love wpvp, but if alliance are generically bad and suffer from the same language barrier, I may just save myself the trouble.

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Grobbulus isn’t some unique server that doesn’t have some of the same issues as other servers. But you won’t regret transferring here.


Grob has problems with GDKP and boost spam, AND has a lot of active players. I play with a small group and we haven’t had (many) problems with pugging for badge runs or even heroics.

There are definitely non-English guilds on the server and, again, so far no problems with communication. I had one guy straight up tell me to not assign him mechanics because he doesn’t speak English, and it wasn’t a big deal.

I don’t join GDKPs, but based on the adverts they can get fairly expensive if you’re into that sort of thing.

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Are there a lot of guilds that don’t speak english? So far every single group and guild I’ve been in has had issues with english and I obviously don’t speak spanish. Nothing wrong with spanish players, I’m just a social butterfly and it makes the world feel quite lonely as I see them having tons of conversations in spanish in dungeons.

Only peeps I meet that don’t speak English are the boosters

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That’s very exciting news. I’ll have to check it out. Thank you all for the replies.

Grobbulus has much healthier balance. main issue is that it is West.

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If you for an RP guild that also does wpvp, check out:

Thunderhold (dwarves only)

The Pride of Lothar (trying to reclaim Lorderon is their RP hook)

Good, chill people in both.

I’ve been on Grobbulus since day one and it was the diamond in the rough. We don’t have an enormous amount of non English speakers like other servers. We have a stable economy and great wpvp. You won’t regret transferring here. But beware GDKPs and boosts are a big part of every server now. Sad as that is.

Grob is a good server overall.

There isn’t alot of GDKPs, but I was in one yesterday the guy took 5k gold from a ZA and ran.

Like other mega servers GDKPs and Boosting are the big staple part. Is there a community on both sides? Yes very much so. You should make an alt here to get the feel first before moving, but I’d wager you’ll fit right in. There are guilds that are trying to bring in SR raids too as an alternative to GDKPs. Uphill battle, but better shot here then anywhere else I’d guess.

Ah, must have been Kayshmoo

most of the pugs we bring speak english and have never really had any issue getting pugs for dungeons like MGT, ZA and others.

I level alts frequently and have always been able to get dungeons for them out of the LFG chat, so there is that.

There are gold DKP but its not the only way to play on Grob, you have every standard option.

I moved to Grobb a few months ago and have zero ragrets. Tons of WPvP!

imagine being an eos

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grob is a nice place but has 2 issues
its timezone
and well you will be the new guy ( more like a you issue tbh)
no gold no connections
totally broke on an hyper inflated economy and grief… i mean wpvp

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Imagine being alive in 2022 and not speaking Spanish.

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I do hope this is sarcasm

Sarcasm is against the forum rules.


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