Question. Back after a long hiatus. Is Cry Moar still number 2?

So after being gone for the better part of a decade I decided I’d like to play again. So far I haven’t seen a single nerd that used to hang around org like they used to. Enough of me. On to a more serious matter.

Is Cry Moar still number two? Always the bridesmaid, but never the bride? Man, seeing those server firsts pop up knowing that Cry Moar didn’t get it made my night. I kidddddd.

On a more serious note. Huge kudos to CM for still going strong after all these years. I’m surprised ANY of the same guilds still raid these days from that era in my life. Y’all should carry me through some mythic raids to gear me up before the expac. All your rogues you recruited blew anyways. What’s the matter with bringing one more with you?!?!? Glad to be playing again. Hopefully I’ll see some familiar faces around.