Question about The War Within pre order and new player server

I just returned to the game since Mists of Pandaria. I am a subscriber so I have all the content up until Dragonflight. If I pre order The War Within, will it give me access to Dragonflight now, or do I have to wait until launch?

Now as a returning player I noticed that my characters are still on the same server which is Tanaris. But I see now it is a new player server? Technically I am not a new player, so I am just stuck here forever unless I pay $25 per character to transfer? I mean you don’t stay a new player forever so I am not even understanding why they decided to even label them as new player servers.

Also, can someone explain to me how I get out of new player chat and access general or world chat?

While I can’t actually confirm that you can start it now, I suspect if it made you wait, we’d have seen a whole lot of complaining on the forums by now.

The New Player server designation just means that they are currently recommending it to new players. (Generally in an attempt to boost it’s population.) The designation comes and goes on various realms, and really doesn’t mean much.

Servers don’t matter for nearly as much as they once did. Most content (the main exception currently being Mythic raids when they first come out) can be done in cross realm groups. For the Auction House, commodities (basically stuff that stacks) are now region wide. As of right now, guilds are the only thing where server really matters.

And, when the next expansion comes out, guilds will be able to be cross-server and the delay on cross-realm Mythic raiding groups will also be gone.

The info for this is pretty opaque. I’ve seen people say it’s based on level or on hours played. (Maybe its some combo of both.) So, the short answer is to just keep playing and it should solve itself.


Okay thank you for the reply. It’s been so long everything is overwhelming atm. I’m so far behind.