Question about signs

What are these marker icon players over their head in dungeon or raid ?What do they mean ?

I am guessing you mean target markers:


are the eight target markers the game provides. They are primarily meant to be put on mobs to signal to the players what to do with each, like Nuke Skull, Sheep Moon.

However, thay can also be put on party members. Some people find it annoying, but sometimes it can be handy to mark the tank especially to make sure everyone can see and follow him comfortably.

You can place a marker, like a skull, with the manual command

/script SetRaidTargetIcon(“target”, 8 )

and several addons provide the facility to mark party members or mobs withyour mouse.

If you meant something else, please respond and give more detail about the markers you are seeing.


I’ll just add a couple things:

First to clarify, those marks are something a player has placed on someone/something. Depending on the content, only certain people (aka group leaders/raid assists) may be able to place them.

You can play with them when you’re on your own. If you right click a unit frame like your current target (or even your player frame) the menu that comes up will have options to add a marker to them. For example, I find it very useful to put on NPCs I’m supposed to be escorting in crowded areas. It can also help if you are looking for something and can find them with /target name but can’t actually see them in the world.

There are also some addons like Deadly Boss Mods that will put them on targets automatically to mark an important mob or a player with an important mechanic on them. (These only work if the person running the addon currently has access to place the markers and their addon is configured to do so.)


I know now thank you guys , these markers are very useful and it is good to know how they work

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