Question about PvE servers

So I have ALWAYS played PvP servers, and on Retail Warmode is ALWAYS on. I live for the suspense of questing through the open world and always being at risk of enemy players attacking me or running into an Alliance dog to fight.

Whitemane ping doesn’t work for me, and so the only viable option is the EST PvE server. My question is, do people ever flag for open world PvP out there? Will the whole experience be carebear mode? Or will I have a fair share of faction rivalry?

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Stay permanent flagged, I’m sure someone will take you up on the offer

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There was talk blizz was going to revamp and make all the servers PVP only in the next major updates to classic era. Mostly due to overwhelming player request/feedback.

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Mankrik is probably your best bet as you don’t have to worry about angsty teenagers ruining your night.

But as mentioned before keep yourself flagged and someone should take you up on it.

with mankrik being switched to pvp with rest of servers on next update not so much. but the majority of players want pvp so this is good.

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Would be surprised if they went ahead with making PvE servers PvP.

And if I was on PvP already I’d be pissed if they did this lol.

This doesn’t at all make sense since PVP servers outside of classic don’t exist anymore…why go backward? If my only options were pvp servers I’d stop playing.


Why would you stop playing a great game because they are listening to the players and making the changes they want?

Generally I don’t believe this is anything more than a rumor. If you have sources on this I’ll gladly look.

I don’t enjoy playing on PVP servers, if all servers went PVP I wouldn’t enjoy that so I wouldn’t play. I don’t enjoy the gameplay of minding my own business leveling and getting one shot and camped by max levels until I log off.

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Cromagnon also says they’re deleting era servers, I think they’re just here to try and rile people up.


just play on the east coast pvp server? theyre all combined into one shard anyways

Yes, as far as I know there IS an east coast pvp cluster. But Mankrik-Pagle PVE doesn’t really have pvp flagged people… I saw perhaps 4 out of 4,000 this last week.

Source please?

You gotta be an obvious troll. But anyways, to think there is only one player base and “the players” want pvp so we should force all the other players (who clearly don’t exist and are unhappy on PvE servers by your logic) is extremely short sighted.


This doesn’t happen. It’s something that PvE carebears always spew as a persistent problem on PvP servers but it is MASSIVELY exaggerated.

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Even so, I still prefer PvE. Im not here to entertain others, just myself.


The players voted and they want pvp. This is world of WARcraft. There is likely less than 2% of the playerbase that wants pve only and that is getting smaller by the day.

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This is simply not true and is just your opinion. Plenty of folks do not want to play on a PvP server. Right now folks don’t even have the options due to mega server culture. It’s not accurate to say everyone playing on a PvP server today would prefer PvP servers, when they feel they only have one choice given server population and perceived health. I just can’t see Blizzard forcing everyone to a PvP server after they’ve maintained PvP / PvE split for so long, especially when there’s material consequences to play style for doing so.

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What is the source on Mankrik becoming PvP?

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But there are no consequences to any play style.