Question about player harassment

Hi - I am currently being harassed for going on 3 days now and I am wondering is there any action I can take to stop it?

Thanks in advance

It kind of depends on what sort of harassment you’re speaking of.

The basic first response is to put that person on ignore. Do not speak to them, do not tell them you’re blocking them or what have you. If they circumvent that ignore by hopping to an alt, that escalates the issue. You’re of course welcome to right-click and report that player, especially if foul language is being used. But it really depends on a lot of factors as to what can be done.


Mainly it would involve you ignoring the player, or players, and not responding. Then putting in tickets if it continues. The key though is not to respond.


Thank you for the quick replies. The harassment is going on in the forums. A player I have never met randomly started harassing me and has continued going on 3 days now. They are trying to completely invalidate me on my class forums.

I have tried to solve, it, tried to answer the persons questions, tried to move on, asked to move on, but it keeps going until it seems they want me to give up and stop on the forums.

I’m trying to find a way to simply get this person to leave me alone.

you can ignore players on the forums, you can also report him too

Thank you so much! How do I do this? I would love to put him on ignore but mainly report him.

The best answer is to ignore them. You can block them so that you no longer see their posts by going to their profile. On the right, there are two boxes, one that says “normal”. Just click on that and set it to ignore.

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An issue I see though is that everyone else will still see his posts. So me ignoring him basically just prevents me from defending myself and allows him to ruin my name. I think it’s best to report and have him reprimanded.

click on that players name and go to “view activity”, in the top right corner there should be a button. It’s will say Normal, click it and you’ll get several options.

People like that will get bored when you stop interacting with them. No matter what they say, most people on these forums know (or should know) to kind of take everything with a grain of salt. If they see this person going off the rails? They look that much more unhinged when you’re not interacting with them.

You don’t have to prove yourself to anyone. You know what you do, nothing anyone says is really of any huge consequence when it boils down to it. I could pick on Ravenhawk about their silly hat and how they bought it through a carry (none of which is true, I’m just throwing out the example). Means nothing except me perhaps opening the door for being flagged for trolling.

If you look at the persons activity, you can see under “most relied to” that he has replied to me the most at 27 replies. The weird part is I have never met him before the topic I posted under and he commented about. The guy in a single topic and stayed off the topic and insulted me for 3 days now.

Hello. I took a brief look at a couple of the threads in that forum.

You give as much as you receive.

Even though, I can see that you are committed to improving the community and creating opportunity for constructive discussions regarding Warlocks. Here’s something from class last night that I think might help when it comes to conflict resolution and negotiation. It’s called Principled Negotiation. It works like this.

  • Separate the person from the problem
  • Focus on interests and not positions (the threads seem to have difficulty here)
  • Invent options for mutual gain
  • When possible, insist on objective measures

While I recommend simply not paying attention to certain individuals, I hope that the items I mentioned might help you in your Warlock community quest.

Travel well


If it is the thread I found I presume you are refering to.

Couple things.

Someone having an opinion that doesn’t agree with yours - isn’t harassment, nor is disagreeing with you.

These are public forums. Anyone is welcome to post provided they follow our code of conduct.

If someone is violating those, feel free to report them - but be very certain you aren’t also yourself.


You are right and each of you are very helpful and I thank you all kindly for it.

Ego is a tricky thing, especially for males in online video games. I do feel the need to defend myself because I’ve played since the hour of the original vanilla release, so I have skin in the game.

If you can’t report a player on the forums however, then I probably should just ignore him as you all mention. I just dislike the knowledge that he will continue it to others in the future.

Thank you again for all of the great responses. I guess this part of the forums is were all the great people reside. Have a wonderful day to each of you Leilleath, Kozzae, Ravenhawk, Aik, thank you all :blush:

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Just to be clear - the forums do have a way to report posts. You are able to report them by clicking the flag symbol in the bottom right of their post. Just keep in mind the advice given above before you do so.

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