Question about macros

Is it okay to use mouse macros in game?

For example, is it okay to use logitech gaming software to map my middle click button on my mouse to F1 on the keyboard? Will this result in a ban?

In addition, are we allowed to map 2 or more spells to a single mouse click or a G key? For example, if I press G1 it triggers numbers 1 and 2 on the keyboard.

Thanks a lot.

General rule is, one action per mouse click. As for macros, if you cannot do it in game, I wouldn’t try it.

That right there would violate the one action per click rule.


Thanks so much for the quick reply!


As for mouse buttons, I have a standard mouse. Scroll up, scroll down, two buttons on the side.

Each one of those actions is hot keyed, either to a spell or a macro on my bars. Most of them are also alt and whatever hot keyed.

All done within the game. For the first part of your question you don’t need anything special.

Second part, yeah big nono but that was already addressed.


That generally gets classified as automation. The same as using the hardware’s software to hold down a key and repeat the same action, or putting a pause for global-cooldown in the macro.


I find the safest way to handle multiple spells is to create a macro for executing them and then using the programmable mouse/keyboard to execute the macro.

Spells involving the global cooldown delay can be handled by using Shift. Ctrl, and/or Alt modifiers.

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In your example, the first thing (mapping a key to a mouse button) is fine (provided you aren’t able to hold down the key to repeatedly click). The second thing is automation.

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Actually it depends. It is in fact, possible to create a macro that psudo does 2 actions at once. In reality it does one action straight after another etc. Basically it depends on which GCD the spell or item is on. Yes, there are multiple GCDs. If the 2 spells you want to use are on seperate GCDs, then it’s trivial to create a macro to execute both at the same time. If however, they are on the same GCD, no, it’s impossible. The old macro commands still exists for /wait but they no longer function.

That’s true but it’s also confusing the issue. The OP didn’t ask about that, they aksed if they could map a G key on their keyboard to press two keys, one after the other. The answer to that is a definitive “no”.