Question about farming for fire cat look

Try to farm firelands raid to get the staff for fire druid look, I read as druid I can skip first 1/2 of the bosses, but I found pick up 3 feathers and fly over the bridge, the boss Majordomo Staghelm won’t show up? What am I missing? Do I have to do the full clear every time?

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i’m pretty certain that he only spawns when you kill the bosses before barlok or whatever its name is (the bridge guardian). i have been in there quite a few times (for the Rag mount) and i’ve always had to clear the bosses before mojordomo for him to fight you.

if anything i know balrok and alysrazor will be mandatory, since he has dialogue with them…but still not sure if you can skip any of the others.

it’s a fairly common drop, so if you do have to full clear, it’s not something you’ll have to do over a long period of time. hope that helps, and gl with the fire kitten!

i love that skin a lot, because it has an ambient fire crackling sound whenever you’re in cat form (which is unique)…i wish it had more of a blazing trail that follows you when you run though (Similar to the treant form when you catch embers from nearby fires & they leave a smoky trail when you run)

I guess I will try to kill the barleroc the gatekeeper first, then go to Alysrazor, see if that works, thanks…

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Almost certain you have to clear out the other bosses. It only takes a couple of minutes because you can mount in there.

Patience friend and you will be rewarded!

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Clear the first 2 bosses and kill him. Every week. Took me 5 weeks when it was current content.

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I did this on ten man normal last night. I still have the option of 10 man heroic and 25 man normal and heroic. Does it matter which ones I run or should I just farm all 4 until it drops?

If it drops for me; I equip it and it is in my transmog inventory then? I’m not sure how to use it for the permanent form?


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as i know you can only do normal or heroic, twice per week, i got the staff the other day, once you get it, go the barber shop you can change to fire cat

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