Quest "The Price" *Bugged*

I’ve uninstalled the game reinstalled the game, disabled all my addons, abandoned the quest to accepting the quest again and I can’t trigger the cut scene or finish the quest The Price. Yesera has no dialog, Mallfurion just gives an intro about himself. Anyone else have this problem?

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yeah i have the same problem my main cant talk to malfurion or complete the quest. the cutscene doesnt even start and i cant progress farther in the quest chain

This was 5 days ago is there a fix for this?

Not working, tried leaving the game, abandoning, repair and scan.

Same here. Same symptoms as original poster. Quest won’t finish and I tried everything.

Having the same issue, still bugged as of 1/13/23

I am unable to complete the quest The Price as well. I have disabled all addons, repaired, relogged, everything that has been suggested. It has been 2 days now and no luck completing the quest. I am stuck

SAME :pensive: all the same symptoms can only ask malf. Who he is and gives intro Please Blizz fix this its completely unplayable rn :frowning:

Having the same issue on 23rd Jan '23

Same issue here, 1-31-23. No cutscene, no dialogue, no quest advancement.

Issue still happening, 03-04-23. Any one found a fix?

Still bugged 14th April 2023

Still bugged 14th April 2023, Where do we go from here?

Just got this issue on November 16th, 2023. Crazy it’s still a problem. Any solutions?


I had two buffs on me that I cancelled:

Some sort of permanent “It’s snowing” buff from a Blizzard stone that I couldn’t find on WoWhead.

I cancelled both of those buffs and abandoned the quest. When I accepted it from Ysera it played the cinematic.

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This solution worked for me as well. 4/6/2024