Quest "The Emissary"

Since sometime after Shadowlands was released the quest The Emissary has gone from fairly easy to complete to extremely difficult unless you’re much higher level. The quest item Trident of Naz’jan used to reduce Leviroth’s HP down to around 30% and from there it was fairly easy to kill him. Now the Trident barely knocks Leviroth to 90% and it’s rather difficult to kill him, even with full heirlooms and several enchants. Several of my characters in their upper 20s to mid 30s end up dying several times before I can kill him. If it means anything, his name is now orange.
Is there some specific reason for this change? Is there some new strat or procedure for completing this quest? It can’t be skipped and still be able complete the Riplash Strand quests for the Kalu’ak.

Just adding this still needs fixed, having major trouble on an alt getting this quest done.

I’m not sure it’s likely to get seen by devs in this forum. I’d either post in the bug report forum, or use the in game bug reporting tool.

Almost a year later, and it’s still broken.

Its September 2023 and its STILL broken. Im glad to see it wasn’t just me struggling with this quest