Quest missing

The Quest "All Night Mare Long is missing.

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So that isnt a quest, it’s a chain of quests. You’ll want to find Tyrande to start the chain. The quest is called Love Lost.


That storyline starts from Tyrande who is located south of Starsong Refuge. She will be in a stone courtyard where the road ends.

Is she not appearing there for you OR does she just not have the quest for you?


I have finished all of the quests with Tyrande Whisperwind in Val Shara, except for the "All Night Mare Long Quest, I know where she is she is in the Starsong Refuge. I was just there, I have finished all the quests there with all of the NPCs at Starsong Refuge. And I cannot get Tyrnde Whisperwind to offer me the quest /or activate the quest “All Night Mare Long”

This is the only quest I need to finish the chain of quests and finish the Val Shara Chapter

I have been online trying to find help, someone gave me coordinates 57.5 56.3 but she is not there either to give me the quest, I guess i was supposed to follow her outside the Starsong Refuge to find the Quest All Night Mare Long

But it is not a quest, it is a storyline comprised of other quests.

What was the last quest you did? I’m assuming it’s not the character you’re posting on as Wowhead is showing that character hasn’t completed any of the later parts of the questline (it’s showing partial completion of the 3 Archdruid questlines that are needed to progress to the Malfurion/Tyrande stuff.)

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