Quest: Flightsones , not able to turn in and complete while meeting all requirements!

I met the requirements to start the “Embers of Neltharion” quest chain to include completing “A Creche Divided” and “Smells like Lohamm” as prerequisites.

Under the initial quest “Tougher Down Under” to speak with Vaskarn in Lohamm in the Zaralek Caverns, at that time I obtained a abundance of Flightstone to conduct the quest. However, Vaskarn and Cuzolth can be BOTH in Emerald Dream (Central Encampment) AND Lohamm in Zaralek Caverns.

I did speak with Vaskarn FIRST in the Emerald Dream since I was there to conduct other quests and the quest for “Flightstone” was available. I did complete the quest “Tougher Down Under” from Vaskarn to move onto “Flightstones” but did not receive any quest completion or notification and since I did ensure I re-obtained 50 “new” Flightstone from applicable means, I then decided to upgrade a different piece of eligible equipment from my inventory…nope. Still no quest completion “?” maker. I did /reload, still nothing. So, now, I’m stuck with “Flightstones” without being able to complete it and move onto the next quest “Shadowflame Crests” and lastly “Catching up with Friends”.

I did re-visit both Vaskarn AND Cuzolth in both Lohamm and Emerald Dream, /reload and still nothing from either when upgrading equipment using 50 Flightstone.

Additionally, I am using BtWQuests to track progression and every time I click on “Flightstones” it has me go to the Caverns to upgrade equipment from speaking to Cuzloth. Did that twice with x2 /reload and nothing. I’ve also been searching WoWHead for any additional comments some ppl might have a issue with it also and couldn’t find much other than people recommending using /reload then it would “sometimes” work. Reloaded a few times now and nothing.

Any assistance would be appreciated!! Thanks.

UPDATE: 3/25

Took another look at WoWhead and searched for “Flightstones” quest and this is what came up in red lettering under the quest’s name:

This quest was marked obsolete by Blizzard and cannot be obtained or completed.

So, I (and everyone else) cannot complete the “Embers of Neltharion” saga.

Also noticed all of the “Shadowflame Crests” are “greyed” out from viewing Vaskarn’s inventory.