Quest Bug [Storm's Judgement]

I don’t know if this is new bug or not but I am really stuck on this quest. I have done this quest [Storm’s Judgement] with two of my toons and it went fine. This bug appeared on my third toon. So after I picked up this quest, I had to talk to Brother Pike, correct me if I am wrong with his name. After that, I had to go with three phases, kill the adds. I have heard lots of people reporting this quest for mobs spawning endlessly but I didn’t have this bug. And at the final phase, Wavespeaker Reid summoned a giant water elemental. The bug started at this phase. I tried to kill this, however, when he was about to defeat, he just disappeared and all the phase started to reset, which mean I had to talk to Brother Pike and had to start all over again. I am really confusing with this quest. Hope Blizzard fix this asap!!!

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I have this same problem.

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I am also having this issue… I have seen posts about this bug (or at least about this quest being bugged) that are about a year and a half old. I also think it’s hilarious that you posted this two days after a supposed fix.

I don’t know what to do to fix it. I’ve tried everything I could find.

Same issue. Oddly it’s on my third toon as well. I’m guessing we’re just SOL since they “fixed” and it’s still screwed up.

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I made a report about this bug and it fixed. So I thought they really did fix it but that bug came again at my sixth toon lol. But it did bug only once.