Que times sre unacceptable

Two threads now, you’ve replied to me with weirdness.

In both, I reply to someone other than you first in the thread. That means I was there first?
I’m not following you and now I will stop responding to you at all. I think it’s for the best. Enjoy the game. :slight_smile:

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looooooooool, these threads always make me laugh

Abd yet u keep posting dont like my rant then dont read it. I am not the only person that shares my opinion. We pay for a service its that simple and 8hrs is unacceptable. If the game has been out for 1 day or 30days its not acceptable to provide a broken service

Nothing is forcing you to accept them

Don’t reply to me if you don’t want a reply dingus.

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When someone tells you “This server is too crowded, please create characters on a different server.” and you choose to disregard that… the service is not broken but your decision making ability may be.


Its all servers genius but if you played this classic you would know what your talking about but you clearly do not. Many of us play in classic and many of you commenting have not and we did not experience these long que times

Considering Classic is being given as a free bonus to your current subscription…yeah, I think your anger is severely misplaced.

Heck, this is quite an authentic recreation of any major patch day back in Vanilla, so enjoy the nostalgia of complaining on the forums while you wait! :fireworks:


Oh noes! Completely expected problems occurring.

I am shocked.


Day two and things aren’t perfect? How incompetent.

A rant and anger are to different things bud but i kids like yourself just love posting childish comments on the forms. If you dont like my post its very simple dont read it.

Huh? I just got right in.:woman_shrugging:

Pick a different server bro. Errr. Nvm, stay where you are. Dont over populate the one im on.

I always wonder why people like to choose their server, and then get mad at Blizz because other people roll there too (or not). I chose my realm Sunday, and I logged right in with no problem 5 min ago. Choose a new realm or suck it up. You’re pretty high up on that horse over a free game they provided to players with a sub. Shame on them (really, just not for this, lol).

It’s early on, reroll now to save yourself the anguish.

: )

Such a bad launch. But I can handle that. What I can handle is the continued mishandling of servers. This small indie company needs to wake up. They have already lost a small percent of players that wanted to return. How many more will they lose before the wake up??

Many of us took the advice of Blizzard to rename toons on the limited new servers. Then 1/2 of our playing group got into the new server Blizzard pushed on us 1 week ago. The other half locked in a queue. We assumed that since layer was not working properly on launch that we see the queue drop. So those that play last night are level 14-16 and the rest are still no on the realm. So half our group has to abandon the server Blizzard suggested. Seems pretty lame.

So, even though I was in the beta and had determined that Classic was not for me, I decided to give it a shot last night. I had a 3 minute queue time to get in and make my character.

I’m not saying that other people aren’t experiencing long queue times, only that I didn’t.

Oh, also, you wanted WoW Classic. Part of WoW back in the day was queuing up for server access. I guess… you gotta be careful what you ask for, you might get it. shrug