Que times sre unacceptable

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There’s no queues.

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Strange. I’m not experiencing any queue times at all.

Oh! You said Classic. Seems like there’s another forum for that…


You are going to have to wait until things die down a bit or until they add more servers. If the demand stays high, they already said they would bring more servers online but right now they are waiting to see if it holds or not.

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Over in this post on the Classic Forums, is a Blue response to queue times.


Your getting that so called Classic exp aka Vanilla had massive que times as well.


Well played sir i see what you did there lol!

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They mention Herod as a very popular server… they say to avoid the full servers… the game just went live not long ago…

WTH are you expecting, lol.

They’re not going to spend gobs of money on servers in order to handle a couple days of high traffic. Demand will drop down, the queues will diminish, and eventually vanish entirely.

Yeah to many tourist testing the classic waters right now.

just get used to it, you can’t change that people post in general about classic, you can cry about it in all post but there will be a new post always, so get use to it.

are you for real??? hahahahahhahaahahahahahhahahahahahaha it won’t happen, he post and another will come after him, you can’t change their mind you just can’t people will continue posting in general.

Go look at the server list many are high and full and its not just herod with high que times 8hrs is unacceptable for what we pay blizzard for. You wouldnt tolerate from any other company providing a service

Are you just going to follow me around threads and respond with posts that have nothing to do with what I am saying now?

I never had a stalker before, this doesn’t seem very interesting at all.

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I think you are folling ME around

It launched yesterday.

No reason to explain further past that.

They would release more servers, only to merge them later for whatever reason. People wanted a classic launch, they got it.

Free to complain, I’m not stopping people. Or don’t pay for the service if you don’t like what Blizzard is doing. Both very viable options.


“sit THERE” not “their”; and they warned you not to roll on Herod. My server Mankrik had no queue earlier today.

What are they going to fix, your inability to choose a different server? They warned us, multiple times, that certain servers were looking to be heavily populated and encouraged people to create characters on the newly opened servers. You chose to not do that… if you are looking for someone to blame, look no further than the mirror.