PvP/Mythic Raider Feral LF High End Guild

Progged Nathria till my Guild drama made our Guild break up. Ended up quitting for that reason. We didnt get to Mythic but stopped on Sludgefist waaay back in the first month or two of the expac. Im returning after a 3 month break in hopes of crushing it in 9.1 and getting Glad this season in PvP.

Last expac i joined late into the Guild i was talking about and got to 5/12M Nathria b4 my Guild quit.

During my break from WoW I do invest my time into other games which have paid off. Went semi pro in Overwatch, Ending top 100/50 every season. Since season 18-25.

Was Challenger on League of Legends 3x.

(Hope this sells cause idk what to write)

Greekology#1424 - Druidxnxx (IGN) Thrall Horde <3

Hi Druidxnxx! I think we’d be a great fit. Take a look and let us know. Happy to chat more!