PvP Tuning - January 11th, 2019

(Shwergen) #1



How the f^%& did they not buff Resto druids?

(Bustacap) #3

They can’t buff them. We need company down here in the cellar.

(Wolloolloo) #4

And we are a very good company. We drink, we chat and pay the bill. That’s why we never leave…

(Bustacap) #5

I bring snacks, drinks, my switch and Xbox. Let’s stay down here forever so daddy Ion and his leather belt will forget about us.

(Wolloolloo) #6

Bring your phone and we can play Diablo while we wait for buffs.

(Bustacap) #7

I don’t have a phone anymore. I sold it so I could buy a vulpera mount and those items that may, OR MAY NOT, be coming back to the blizzard store.


I am guessing that they are waiting to see how me meta develops with higher ilvl and more traits before rolling out any buffs.

Maybe, hopefully, a couple weeks into s2 we will se something.


How tf did they not buff BM hunters??? lol

Is this real life

(Rethumtv) #10

Demo locks everywhere are still waiting in the nerf corner with BM hunters to be viable again. I guess people don’t like screen bloat and seeing more then 3 targets in an arena. Meanwhile double shaman teams continue to break our UI’s with totems.

(Scary) #11

demos not that bad honestly demo frost hpal and demo spriest are both super strong

(Rethumtv) #12

Yeah. It just feels like a shell compared to how insanely powerful it was in Legion. Glad I don’t have to play against DH/Demo anymore though