PvP Trinket Swapping in RBG

PSA to any who aren’t aware in the hopes that blizzard will fix this oversight;
in Rated Battlegrounds there is no internal cooldown between the different PvP trinkets (Medallion / Adaptation / Relentless). This allows a player to via macro swap trinkets (when out of combat) as they use or proc their current trinket.
For example; a rogue goes to ninja a base off of a demon hunter, saps the demon hunter, demon hunter trinkets the sap and auto swaps to adaptation trinket, breaks the cap on the rogue. Rogue, seeing DH trinket, blinds him and goes for the cap. Without trinket swapping this would be a guaranteed capture and an important swing in the match, instead, the blind auto breaks with adaptation. To add the cherry on top, the DH can then swap to Relentless trinket, reducing the stun durations from the Rogue.
I am making this post because I believe this is an oversight by the developers, and it has a huge impact on Rated Battlegrounds (this must have happened because of removing the talents and adding in Trinkets). Please help raise awareness on this issue to get it fixed! The meta of RBGs should not be about PvP trinket swapping macro.


good skilful play to counter the overpowered-ness of rogues. i see no problem here.


Reported this back in beta. Trinket swapping has been around for awhile, so not like I discovered it. This is a result of them moving the CC breaks to trinkets instead of pvp talents. The title is a parody.

I don’t use this when playing though.

You can set up macros to automate it. Really good for a NE and classes that can drop combat on demand.

Yes I saw the post, this is just to gain some traction and get it fixed, I believe its clear that this was an oversight when they swapped from trinkets being a talent to being a gear slot.

Yep, but it’s an oversight that I sent them feedback on and submitted a video for but like other feedback that I sent them in beta it was ignored because I’m not a famous streamer or something.

Pretty awesome honestly, rogues are broken as hell in bgs


This is just an example with the rogue, but this trinket swapping is being used for every form of CC. It is entirely unintended.

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It’s a non factor above 2k. If it’s being abused below 2k it’s a skill issue. We have no problem stealing bases at 2600 mmr. Trinket swapping up here is not prevalent.

Could you elaborate why? i play at 2800 mmr. It is very impactful, I dont understand this comment, how is it not impactful? It is an unintended design flaw. This didnt exist before shadowlands because these trinket effects were from talent points, rather than gear pieces.

I dislike that it works, but consider it a good use of available mechanics. I have definitely held bases by switching between base hits to adaptation, but have never done mid hit.

I am against full gear locks because i think it is reasonable to let players switch to different gear depending on their role and the game status, as they do in most other situations.

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simple fix is to add an internal CD for any pvp trinket use