PvP Trinket Bonus Changes

  • Gladiator’s Distinction (Trinket Set Bonus)
    • Primary stat provided by the bonus decreased by 40%.
    • Stamina provided by the bonus increased by 35%.
  • Developers’ notes: We’ve seen that overall PvP pacing, especially in arena, has been very fast as players acquire more gear/tier sets. This leaves less room for player reactions than we would like. In conjunction with the rest of the balance changes, we’re adjusting the primary stat and stamina bonus from Gladiator’s Distinction to help address this.

I mean. At least nobody can say Blizzard isn’t making tuning passes fast enough regarding balance for PVE and PVP.

This has to be the most active they’ve been basically ever, right? You might not get the fixes you want patch by patch, but stuff is happening and we can only hope they’ll get to the things we want eventually!


Unless rets get a 50% across the board nerf no changes they make will matter


Lots of pvp specific damage nerfs as well. They are definitely trying to slow things down.


Some big changes wow.

This is faster than the non-existent bfa and slands, but it’s definitely slower than legion wod and mop

Class specific changes.

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Oh look ww still looking like a dumpster fire going into 10.5, whelp see ya guys in 11.0


Basically every problematic class is getting kicked in the chest. These are all excellent changes!


There were months between legion tuning


Why are there no hunter buffs? Esp after removing double tap? All hunter specs are now garbage tier

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Was there? Well alright then. Was it middle or late legion?

Mid to late i didnt play some of thr early seasons but it was a pain point yet again. Destro hpal x terrorized the entirety of the last 2 seasons

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Ah see I quit only after about 1 month of legion hating wpvp had been basically ruined and not liking the new monk redesign.
So didn’t come back until the very end.

I remember just popping in occasionally to check on how the game was going, seemed they had made a lot of changes overall, guess I didn’t quite catch that timeline

damp meta :zzz: :zzz: :zzz: :zzz: :zzz:

They listened and nerfed damage and buffed stamina. I’m excited to see what happens

still would like to see a massive nerf to dps healing

I mean I’m going to heal for less with the loss of primary stat, but my healing wasn’t all that strong to begin with

There may be some wobbly numbers in high ladder… But have you been watching the AWC? Jungle cleave is making a come back… And not just because of feral either.

Finally! Bout time Blizz did this. Well, that’s actually not too bad on speed. Now if they could tone back some stuns/interrupts, that would really help with healers and casters enjoying pvp better. Don’t mind at all if they buff meelee in other ways to compensate, but the train meta takes the fun out for a lot of players.