PvP (to make it more skill based) Remove ilvl as a factor

Im simply stating that id love to progress in the pvp scene but i dont want to spend the hours grinding for gear when im outplaying people, but they’re 10k+ hp over me and theres no cool on hit effect weapons like gurthalak voice of the deeps anymore so i’d rather not pve for pvp sake. I like pvp Alone, I only like to pve to RP and do each task once. I’m not into the whole lets take diablo III’s weak progression system to just grind for gear. PvP and great story line is why I loved this game its world of warcraft… do i make sense when i ask this and can anyone agree on this?
PvP should be more skill based so either item level shouldn’t matter at all along with enchants and gems, so its always evenly matched instead of just forcing people into content who want to join the competitive scene.
My thoughts are that it should be removed from pvp at least in ranked (competitive) PvP. If not then on hit effect items that have crazy effects like in classic wow all the way through to cataclysm should come back into effect.