PvP server please

Can we not petition, plead, beg blizzard for one server that is pvp (auto flagged at level 20) like in the old days?


Yes please lol



The only hard part is that you may have to wait for its expansion release schedule to enjoy good ol’ fashioned PvP in the xpac of your choice.

There is world PvP?

I dont know, i thought WM on meant solo instance out in the open world. Atleast thats all im getting from it.

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nope. i am not gonna do it. it’s a bad thing to people. that is a mistake. keeping it off may stop violence. no one wants to be bothered when doing quest. staying in normal server was the right thing to balance it.

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that means…dont join a pvp only server if you dont like it, join a server with optional warmode


i agree. it hurts people from pvp server.

it’s not worth it anymore. see. people will stop to reduce violence. we only come by doing the rules.

When Warmode first came out, I posted about this and got flamed for “not understanding how warmode works.” I still wish we had old school PvP Servers though.

Warmode is kinda cool but I prefer dedicated PvP Realms.


With no layering/cross realm either… it would be sooo popular!

Then don’t play on that server? lmao


yeah, i already stopped. so i stay on normal server. people gave up. i will keep it that way. no more mistakes.

warmode was off. so i do not take risks. it’s not worth it. i rather take the normal reward without bonus.

bad people do this all the time. then i want pvp server off. doing so prevent errors. when people understand respect, then i will return. but no. i had to go ignore someone. just in recent years ago, i hear a jerk insult my alt. i just lock the jerk who put the spam chat. it’s not good. so i walk away not answering it. jerk never came back since.

Why though?

people get annoyed. if put on, then i will leave and move a new server. moving out to a new world makes it better.

i just want to do my quest without pvp server. this is why i was busy. just a reason. i needed time to focus myself.

now you see why? normal server is right. it control my normal behavior. i do not wanna see people hurt. violence is not the way it supposed to be. i want to play safe.

Thanks for not talking about it with me first before this MMO turned into Hello Kitty Island Adventure. Because I would have told you to just go play Hello Kitty Online. Hello Kitty Online is the stock example of a MMO that has NO PvP whatsoever. No violence at all there. Everything you do is safe there.

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