PVP Season 4 ended: Wintrading, Cheating and boosting

I don’t want to call names, but there’s literally a female player hooking up with one of the most prominent boosters to get boosted to R1

Incel logic

Ever thought that they actually like each other?

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It’s just an easy, go-to accusation. Just like if the underlying assumption that all teams that got some help at the end were transactions, when they could be friends, family, significant others, etc. And even where they are accusing people of gifting subs–people gift subs all the time, even in games where there is no “boost”–like Chatting streams. It’s just a lot of bitter speculation.

Well, I think our community has a lot of cousins, brothers, grandpas, that play in their teams to fill into the 0.5% of gladiator spots and rank one spots.
Besides of the joke, I feel like the situation is clear, and for me, the TOS is clear. If you don’t want to see it, it’s your position (and I feel sorry if it’s against your interest).

The game is not supposed to be like it was this season, It was really unethical as you said here and in other posts and we should do something about it. Let’s wait for a blue post here, interpreting the TOS so we have a clear definition of what Blizzard says about this last season and what we have to expect for Wrath.

If we make this fair, this is only going to affect the people who paid, and it takes some minutes to fix it (just removing teams) and getting a final cutoff like Blizzard did in Season 1 and Season 2.
The BlizzCon players already have their PayPal with the money, or they ingame bags with gold, so I don’t think they care much.
But, we will recover the faith on a fair game, people will try harder for ranks (with their own skill not paying anyone to play for them), and we all going to have a better game.


I wish I was this naive


If in original TBC they set gladiator at 3%, everyone would be fine with it. It’s only because it’s been 0.5% forever that they don’t touch it. Expanding the # of people getting the reward will frankly make more comps “viable” for gladiator. I was the #3 hpally in the 2s bracket in season 3, duelist but stood no chance of getting gladiator because the top of the ladder is always stacked with FOTM comps.

When i spoke with the pallies above me, they said they had to queue snipe to push rating. Way more specs and comps are viable for duelist than gladiator in any given season of TBC and wrath.

I tried, but only received a non-answer on the issue of Season 3 and Season 4. :person_shrugging:


It’s an even worse situation on OCE with a handful of players gatekeeping the titles on their alts demanding real life money for a position

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I see, thank you very much for the post.
I hope he answers to it.

If you guys don’t see how interwoven the Blizzcon players are with blizzard by now that’s on you. Method players will never be banned. Snutz and crew will never be banned. Half the crew of boosters does the casting for the arena tournaments like it’s a joke they have immunity and jut blatantly flaunt it.

Watch his stream one day he will open bags and have 3000 gold next day 45000. But we’re just all pretending they didn’t buy gold?

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This trick is to care about classic wow pvp as much as blizzard does which is lower then nothing and then you can enjoy the game.

As a booster myself I must say that I do think boosting is really stupid it takes away the integrity of getting gladiator and even ends up being the reason that people that deserve the title do not get it. You can be mad at the people who boost for further escalating the problem but if you saw the amount of gold we made you’d easily understand why we do it. I feel like most people if they were put in our shoes would also pvp boost because it is easily the best gold you can make in the game and as a bonus it’s pretty fun sometimes. I don’t think it’ll go away unless blizzard removes it from the game but I do think it will de-escalate come Wrath. The reason for this being that there are no teams (so there are no +100s) and so everyone has to actually get their boost across the finish line. Also would like to say that I do sympathize with everyone that didn’t achieve gladiator because of boosts. I lost my gladiator in s2 in 2s as lock priest due to all the boosts constantly moving the cutoff up and taking up spots so I know exactly how it feels to be in that position. The game is unfair in many ways and I feel like there’s more things ruining the aspect of arenas than just boosting (double glaives in arena xD).

Also to say that I am a prostitie is just disgusting and is an insult you’re saying to me only because I am a female player. I have been in a relationship with wealthyman for almost 6 months and we both enjoy arenas so obviously we are going to play them together. I’m baffled that something like that is even allowed to be said on here lol.


Funny to see you complain about DQs and banning people when you piloted a mage to glad in season 1. Quite the hypocrite now are you?


I’m torn on this, I guess. On the one hand, sure it’d be nice if we could limit access to titles and rewards for only people privileged with skill, friends, ability.

On the other hand, it’s a game… who cares?

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Not only that, but real life friends of vastly different skill level play together all the time. In this guy’s world an R1 has to tell his duelist buddy ‘sorry, I can’t play with you, I’m just too good and it’s unfair to other duelists.’

Everyone here has a fair shot at the arena–go in and compete. If you are good enough you’ll get your title. If you aren’t, you won’t. It’s as simple as that. The rest of this is just more of the same entitled, participation-trophy nonsense that seems to be growing every year.

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No. Boosting has done more harm to the game in actual retail wrath to MoP than anything ever in the history of the game

I never said it didnt harm the game I just said that there’s other problems that hurt arenas other than just boosting. Obviously boosting is the biggest one.

First of all, I feel sorry if they called you in that manner here. It’s not the idea of the topic being rude to anyone for any reason (buyers, boosters, blizzard)

Thanks for giving us your opinion as a booster.
I agree, it’s the biggest problem in the game. Of couse RMT is behind all of this, but if paying worked last season, they will do it in wotlk too for sure. We can’t prevent the RMT in PVP if we don’t punish the desired result (getting the reward),
It has to be reduced as much as possible because it directly affects other people.

We can accept double glaive, everyone face double glaive rogues, it was common. We can accept double rogue comps (everytime you queue in every range, you face at least one team playing double rogue), we can accept resist percentage (very high in TBC ) but it was equal to everybody, also heartbeat was annoying but we accept it because that’s how the game was made, and everyone had struggle with it. We can’t accept getting a lot of glads spots being piloted teams.

I know it’s just a game, but we play it, right? We spend a lot of time here, and most of the people take it very seriously (they even pay real money for boosting lol)

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hitting top 10% is not as hard as it sounds, when so many teams are just capping points.

glad mount should be something special, not something everyone has.

of course boosting is lame and tbc 3’s seems like a joke bracket if it’s so easy to carry a third person

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RMP is just strong enough to the point where the rogue/mage can carry the healer to R1 even if they don’t keybind actual heals and just click heal using heal bot

Agree. Hopefully Blizz will do the right thing and DQ all RMP teams.