PvP Season 3 Disruption Update


Is weekly conquest cap still a thing? Because mines been greyed out since the bug?

Woot final week.

Yo blizz when you goin to GIT GUD and remove tank trinkets from pvp?


The biggest disruption to Season 3 so far has been guardian druids and DH’s. Can we address that too?

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It is grayed out because there are no more conquest rewards. There’s 25 weeks of gear and we’re on 26 and 27.

This would actually be hilarious and makes sense.

Nice 1 week warning.

Anyone else find it just a little odd that a post specifically talking about arena related issues is posted in the General forums, and the Arena forums simply get a link to said post in GD? Lol :crazy_face:

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If you pushed 2400 and then dropped does that mean you automatically got Glad title & mount? Lol

I was thinking that. You guys get a snippet. Meanwhile General Discussion (who hate pvpers) get the whole thing.