PVP rules in 10.0.5… (solo shuffle)

Do you people think these new rules coming in 10.0.5 are too draconian?

Solo shuffle

What new rules?

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i think i’m posting in a Chases thread.

Mock me all you like but I am asking for your thoughts on the new rules that are coming in 10.0.5.

WHAT ARE THE RULES then just say it already

Are you people that oblivious? I am talking about Solo shuffle.

Do you have a link?

It’s on the blizzard tracker it’s only a few clicks away within the forums.

Do you have a link to it? I’m new


Those are really good changes! I think a running theme of DF so far is Blizzard listening :rofl: so yes I really like it.

Hit them in the rating, is where it hurts .

no one cares for solo shuffle, its garbage .

give us something that pvpers actually want solo q rbgs .

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YEAH! Finally someone else who understands.

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Wasn’t mocking you bro, I literally had no idea what you were talking about, thanks for the post edit/clarification

Punishment for leaving solo que is good imo, they’ve got the same thing in League of Legends

Don’t get me wrong League solo que has a lot of issues, but they’ve got the punishments down right. Only prob they run into is people creating new accounts once banned, but for WoW you’d have to make a new account and level to cap, so stakes are higher for the player

‘New Rules’ as in ‘Punishing people who quit mid-Shuffle harder and making it so that you get at least something for the rounds you put in’?

Not draconian at all? It was sorely needed.

The possibility of full account suspensions for abuse as opposed to merely a season ban on queueing for the game actually goes farther than I thought they would. I was only expecting something like how Overwatch handles leavers in competitive where your queue blacklist gradually increases the more you leave until you are queue-banned for a season (but it doesn’t prevent you from playing the rest of the game).

That would be really cool, if only Guardian Druids were not a mandatory tank. They are just so much better than the other tanks as FCs that there would need to be drastic changes to the spec.

Rated solo queue AV!! would be hilarious! But rated solo queue Ashran would be AWFUL.

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No. If anything they should be more punishing IMO. Leavers ruin the experience for everyone because they are sore losers.

Leavers should lose more CR and MMR than if they had stayed. It should calculate what they would lose if they went 0-6 in the lobby they leave, then double that for both CR and MMR.

And the leaver debuff should be an hour, at least, and account wide so people don’t just log to another toon and keep quing.

Screw leavers.