PvP Ratings Update In This Region

At the start of each PvP season, we perform a game wide adjustment to players’ matchmaking ratings to re-normalize their distribution. After this process, most players don’t notice much of a difference with their matchmaking rating, but players at the far ends of the distribution may notice a significant change.

Unfortunately, this process did not occur prior to the start of Season 3 in this region (all of the Americas and Oceanic realms). This re-normalization needs to happen as soon as possible to prevent players’ personal ratings from far exceeding their re-normalized matchmaking ratings, particularly at the high end of the ladder.

We will be performing this re-normalization this evening, and players may notice a change to their matchmaking rating when they log in tomorrow.

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Equal ilvl PvP gear…when??



Its ok,at this point we expect anything pvp wise to be forgotten.


I realize you are simply the messenger Kaivax; please don’t feel personally attacked by my message/image or the arguments/discussions/debates it will surely create.

I will ask others to keep our arguments/discussions/debates/feedback amongst ourselves and not harm the messenger, thanks.

please address the new trinkets added, they are ridiculous


nerf resonate trinket already

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Season already off to a rough start I see

This implies that everybody in mop/wod had full gear.

It would’ve been better to use Legion as an example.

I spent 6 hours trying to queue arena tonight and got glad elite geared teams that are obv 2700+ exp some that ive seen in blizcon at 1200 mmr facing causals and brand new players. this isnt fun at all for anyone. Not the guys trying to get back to 2700 and its really not fun causal 1800 players. Our win loss rate is terrible because all we got was match ups like this all night.


PvP = fun. Fun detected…better remove it.