Pvp pet battle issue

I am queued for pvp pet battles and it keeps popping up to enter but immediately says opponent declines. This has been happening for last 15 minutes. None stop. And it happened last night also. I leave the queue and re queue same thing. I’m not sure what’s up. Any help is appreciated

Could be couple of players win-trading, where they get together with a friend and alternate letting the other one win.

Each knows what pets the other is using, so if queue pops and they see something else, they decline.

Ahh I didn’t even know that was a thing. It’s annoying because I need like about 20 more wins for the pvp achieve. Not sure if there’s one past 250. But I’m working on that one atm

If you can, your best bet is to wait for pet battle week. Until they do something to incentivize pvp, pet battle week will give you the fastest queues.

its not win trading

the Find Battle system is buggy and broken.

You need to ‘reset’ it by relogging, or entering a battle with a wild pet, or taking a portal loading screen etc.

Oh yes there’s an Achieve past 250. One thousand.

Not sure if this is a good thing or not. May explain why so many casual pet PvP’ers give it up after a few battles, they constantly face same teams using whatever meta team of the week is. Hard to believe that a challenge doesn’t become a grind when working on that one.

I mean I’ll be fine for the thousand pet pvp one. I just have to get the queue to let me in. I’m close to the 250 and pets and pet achievements are last in my priority list. And I still have a ton and good collection of them. But yeah hopefully it gets fixed. And I have logged out. I’ve closed the game. My computer has been off and I’ve tried on different toons. I’m not sure besides maybe corrupted file? Like it almost instantly says opponent declines when it pops. And throws me back in the queue. And just repeats that

yeah weird
I can definitely say that for me its very buggy and I frequently get “opponent has declined”

someone told me to frequently re-queue if youre not getting pops

but yeah I would re-queue or switch characters every time you think youre getting errors.