PVP Notes Updated

From the experience so far, reworks make things stronger not worse off

In pve haunt talents already do more than the ones you mentioned. Maybe a single target build would be more viable esp if youre not taking the UA pvp talent? This is a lot of single target burst and the haunt also amps all your other stuff so if you had a tormented crescendo proc and you haunt, insta MR. You put a lot of multiplier on the dots that can crush.
Heres some copium. Get rid of UA pvp talent, Run haunt with siphon life and try to maintain haunt and dread touch. Your dots would be doing 1.3x1.2x1.1=1.716. Strong UA on single target and an additional dot with siphon, this could blast someone and give some decent kill pressure.

More copium but put up single target ua, agony, corruption, siphon life. If you have a TC proc ready, you could haunt, MR, Rapid contagion and get every bigger single target modifier. because all the dot would get an addition 1.45x modifier with that. 1.3x1.2x1.1x1.45=Dots will Rip a single target so fast. If you have drain soul up that would pump too if you could get it going but its definitely viable to get a Haunt/MR/Rapid contagion off.

Aye, but from a corporate perspective, it’s wasted dev time when numbers are going to have to be shuffled soon anyway.

Game quality? Never heard of it.

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Oh for sure. Like I said, 2s has some potential. But if you’re going into 3s trying to parse like you’re doing a single target rotation you’re going to have a bad time.

Very eager to try single target in 2s when I find the time. A lot of people forgot UA got a huge buff if you drop Rampant Afflictions.

With the caster meta aff gets to free cast pretty hard so I could see it working in certain matchups.

RED ALERT :rotating_light: RED ALRERT :rotating_light:

FUN DETECTED :warning:.



How DARE people figure out a way to stop our Rogue overlords from being required in BGs!!!

Why do healers still get 0 rating? Especially if a DPS has 0 wins in the lobby and a healer goes 3-3, it is clearly the 0 win DPS and yet healers get punished still. Wild.

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They want this game to be less bursty! That’s why they had to buff the burstiest ability on the burstiest class! Duh.

*Edit: Just saw it was their DoT associated with it. Don’t care about that. Thought it was the ability’s damage.

That is the abilities damage lol.

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I don’t play this class. I thought that was the big hit after their big stunning strafe? I wish it was someone that would actually explain this to me without being a condescending jerk that responded to this lol

The higher the level the less amount of time it takes to do it’s rot damage.

RiP. Time for more youtube videos then.

i will be praying to god tonight to not let frost mages be super meta


It doesn’t seem like they’re capable of balancing this xpak without having something oneshot.

Seems to me like warriors will be too strong, given how strong they are already combined with the top spec nerfs. Uhdk too.

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Remember lads.

Brave is he who queues on patch day (or balancing days? Eh).


The funny thing about rating is that if you lose it, you can gain it back almost instantly to right around your skill level.

Only by grace of your softcapped MMR :slight_smile: although it’s been slightly better recently…