PVP Notes Updated


nothing for resto druid so disappointing, they slammed my boomy brothers kinda hard there

Can somebody nit-pick quote the additional changes? I’m lazy.

More Boomkin nerfs, Disc penance buff, a Mistweaver slight nerf, Aff locks getting buffs

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for boomy:

very rough napkin math says 9% nerf to incarn modifier

for those who care: two eclipses being multiplicative 5% buffs on 100 dmg is 110.25, removing each 5% brings it back down to 100. from where we are now it’s a 9ish% nerf to all dmg during incarn and that+the boat nerf is a heavy dent in the “send incarn and two starsurges kill here with no cc” gameplay most people dislike


More ZugZug buffs.


Ty friends.

Was obvious yu’lon’s grace was going to get nerfed, nice talent but was def too good, 50% seems heavy handed tho not sure it will be worth ever playing at that amount. I mean I guess in matchups where you get almost zero diffuse value.

Good additional changes.

So like uh, rogue vanished from the patch notes or what? They 100% are putting off any nerfs til the rework is done aren’t they?


I don’t think anyone runs Haunt

We’re seriously going another week without Feral’s Regrowth and Frenzied Regeneration being unnerfed and a 10-15% damage nerf to compensate being added?

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Will +260% make it worth using? No DK used to run Bursting Sores but now it tears people apart

Forum hasn’t been peppered with feral healing buff threads for weeks so it’s very likely they are unaware of the issue.

Fazedoritos does.

Yeah that’s just not good enough, it won’t cut it in this day and age sorry.


Not really, no. But the Impish Instincts addition has been very helpful vs melee cleaves, so the buff to that and to Abyss Walker could be of significance there.

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I get the yulon’s nerf for Monk, but just making it effected by damp would have been enough to make diffuse viable again for most comps. Just slapping 50% nerf to it was lazy.

I’m a dirty demo player so I don’t have much room to talk, but I doubt it. Current capstone split down the UA and Soul Rot paths synergize so well and are too good to give up in my opinion. Haunt build could have potential in 2s though.

Probably situationally or as a gimmick. Curious to see what they do with it with these buffs. If I am theorycrafting correctly, Haunt could be hitting around 80k’ish with this buff. I still think Dread touch is too good to give up, especially with the recent rework.

Will they EVER nerf Sub Rogue in PvP? It has been the best melee in the game for legit 10+ weeks and the only change in that time was a 4% damage increase to everything in 10.1.5

Clearly they are pulling for the rogue teams in the AWC. Have to intentionally be ignoring how good they are to not nerf them over 10 weeks


I don’t know what your intention with Nether Tempest is, but mathematically it isn’t even worth incurring a global cooldown.

Increased by 150%, it STILL isn’t worth the global cooldown. Its only utility is perhaps preventing stealth, at the cost of breaking random CC.

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