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Not really, no. But the Impish Instincts addition has been very helpful vs melee cleaves, so the buff to that and to Abyss Walker could be of significance there.

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I get the yulon’s nerf for Monk, but just making it effected by damp would have been enough to make diffuse viable again for most comps. Just slapping 50% nerf to it was lazy.

I’m a dirty demo player so I don’t have much room to talk, but I doubt it. Current capstone split down the UA and Soul Rot paths synergize so well and are too good to give up in my opinion. Haunt build could have potential in 2s though.

Probably situationally or as a gimmick. Curious to see what they do with it with these buffs. If I am theorycrafting correctly, Haunt could be hitting around 80k’ish with this buff. I still think Dread touch is too good to give up, especially with the recent rework.

Will they EVER nerf Sub Rogue in PvP? It has been the best melee in the game for legit 10+ weeks and the only change in that time was a 4% damage increase to everything in 10.1.5

Clearly they are pulling for the rogue teams in the AWC. Have to intentionally be ignoring how good they are to not nerf them over 10 weeks


I don’t know what your intention with Nether Tempest is, but mathematically it isn’t even worth incurring a global cooldown.

Increased by 150%, it STILL isn’t worth the global cooldown. Its only utility is perhaps preventing stealth, at the cost of breaking random CC.

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Port giving 8% dr and being on a 18s cd or so could be pretty big.

Also Haunt is a base coeff of 68.75. With talents and pvp modifier this gos to 68.75 x 1.2 x 2.3 = 189.75 and the haunt talent heals for 100% of the dmg done so thats a decent port of extra healing coming back there.

The note actually says increase by 230% so does that mean its actually a 3.3x here on the end? That would be 272.25. Thats pretty good.

Nothing I wanted to see in there like sub rogue nerfs, unh dk nerfs, and some other general dmg nerfs. Was expecting a bit more substance to their ‘long awaited’ monday fixes.

Yes it is, stop looking at the tooltip, it hasn’t been remotely accurate for 9 years now.

Probably not until the rework, whenever that is, unfortunately.

(Prob 10.2 at the earliest)

its base coefficient is 22.5%. This increased by 240% with arcane charges and then 2.5x that. thats 135% coeff. thats not bad esp if it cleaves, its double that, definitely worth the global when talking about total dmg here.

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Definitely decent extra healing, but you’re either giving up dread touch or CDR on soul rot for it. Not sure if the buff and self healing makes up for the loss of either of those. Dread Touch damage output is just crazy, and soul rot cdr + mini lust might still net more damage and healing.

Maybe just dropping Dark Harvet (the mini lust) and picking up a single point in Haunt might be the move

Plus it procs Arcane Echo. That guy just doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

From the experience so far, reworks make things stronger not worse off

In pve haunt talents already do more than the ones you mentioned. Maybe a single target build would be more viable esp if youre not taking the UA pvp talent? This is a lot of single target burst and the haunt also amps all your other stuff so if you had a tormented crescendo proc and you haunt, insta MR. You put a lot of multiplier on the dots that can crush.
Heres some copium. Get rid of UA pvp talent, Run haunt with siphon life and try to maintain haunt and dread touch. Your dots would be doing 1.3x1.2x1.1=1.716. Strong UA on single target and an additional dot with siphon, this could blast someone and give some decent kill pressure.

More copium but put up single target ua, agony, corruption, siphon life. If you have a TC proc ready, you could haunt, MR, Rapid contagion and get every bigger single target modifier. because all the dot would get an addition 1.45x modifier with that. 1.3x1.2x1.1x1.45=Dots will Rip a single target so fast. If you have drain soul up that would pump too if you could get it going but its definitely viable to get a Haunt/MR/Rapid contagion off.

Aye, but from a corporate perspective, it’s wasted dev time when numbers are going to have to be shuffled soon anyway.

Game quality? Never heard of it.

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Oh for sure. Like I said, 2s has some potential. But if you’re going into 3s trying to parse like you’re doing a single target rotation you’re going to have a bad time.

Very eager to try single target in 2s when I find the time. A lot of people forgot UA got a huge buff if you drop Rampant Afflictions.

With the caster meta aff gets to free cast pretty hard so I could see it working in certain matchups.

RED ALERT :rotating_light: RED ALRERT :rotating_light:

FUN DETECTED :warning:.



How DARE people figure out a way to stop our Rogue overlords from being required in BGs!!!