Pvp is just as bad here as bfa

I stopped playing BFA due to how horrifical it was. So much imbalance in classes, some buttons literally spam one button, Greater pyro for example. Essences and trinkets doing more damage than your actual character and so on. It had become a pathetic shell of a game it once was.

Now im doing classic pvp…OMG it is a joke, You have so few abilities to actually use. Gear gap is extreme, Ive seen mages kill full health players in 3 seconds…with nova, cone of cold fire blast…That’s it… TO me classic is probably the least skilled game ive ever played of blizzards…

Its about to lose me to. Not sure what else they can do for it. They wont make changes in classic to balance out stuff, I guess I can only hope for TBC and Wrath…


Wow is a pve game. Pvp is always going to be imbalanced and a mini game.


If you’re not looking at all your abilities and thinking about what they can do for you in PVP, then you’re doing it wrong. It’s PVE that requires very few buttons.

And this is coming from a pretty terrible PVPr.


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I love classic pvp. I hate bfa where every arena goes to dampening and RBGs last 2 hours on seething shore

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i can understand if classic pvp is not growing on u whatsoever its just a wpvp and bg grind with no up close in personal combat like arena. i enjoy it though its just a different kind of pvp as in bigger group pvp and open world pvp which i enjoy. everyone is different though

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I’d take BFA pvp over this any day. World pvp is hot garbage, and AV grind is beyond boring. I stopped pvping all together last week. It’s just not fun at all, and the way ranking works makes pvp completely pointless unless you play for 16+ hours a day.

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I wouldn’t assess it based on 1 v 1. Group PvP is the more appropriate barometer.

I play level 19 BGs with quite a few less buttons and I use several of them in PvP. Sounds like a L2P issue.


Xrealm is just a terrible thing to have in an MMO. If it´s realm only pvp, then everyone plays in a premade, everyone knows everyone, it´s just a much better balance.

Now you end up with complete strangers that don´t care about anything but their own hk´s.

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You aren’t alone OP. I can look past a lot of those issues when there is a consistent community who you can play with and recognize, but the crz stuff doesn’t help. Good luck finding your pvp fix!

first wow never be a great pvp or ream vs ream game , i`m agree now this game is a total mess , that what happen blizzard you want steamer to be your beta tester :frowning: and rush the game and dont listen your vanilla player base

That’s why I like lower level brackets. While it is CRZ, you do recognize the regular players and when you requeue right away, you often will see the same players on your team from the last game.

Level 60 BGs sound terrible for a few reasons.

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Classic was when pvp was at its worst balanced, but pvp is also one of the places where you use the most abilities + engineering. Ya, gear definitely makes it so you can just charge, MS, WF proc and kill someone in a second cuz you have a sick raid 2hd, or get stunlocked, or sheeped/sapped for hours, or MC’d across the world and kidnapped forever.

There’s no DR, half the classes can one shot you and the other half can CC you until you’re dead.

But we already knew this from the first time, main difference now is far more people are raiding, so far more damage is going out.

Worst balanced 1v1 - sure. But it wasn’t designed to be 1v1 pvp. It was designed to play with people and coordinate.

That’s why pvp sucks so hard in retail. Too much homogenization.


That’s pretty much how I feel about it. Always been Rock beats Scissors… Paper beats Rock… Scissors beats Paper. Something like that…

I always feel pvp was just to show off raid gear. There is much better pvp games if you are looking for great pvp. Wow raiding is just so much better than anything pve i have played.

early on maybe.

as gear progress it’s more about ‘‘who get a lucky crit/proc first’’ than rock-paper-scissor.

That’s why pvp sucks so hard in retail. Too much homogenization.

compared to the upcoming meta of ‘’ lol I got a MS/aimed shot/ambush/ pom pyro / nightfall proc crit’’ and global’d you?

At least in classic healers aren’t unkillable gods.

At least things die in Classic before I fall asleep waiting for all cooldowns to be used.

I love made up words irregardless of the meaning