PvP Hotfixes Incoming - Feb. 13

tf you talking about lol, this patch notes may as well read: holy paladins buffed by 50% across the board

Guess I’ll keep on maining shadow then, rip disc.


Was RBG water ever even fixed for the horde?

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Everybody now has access to this trinket. It’s fine.

Now let’s nerf melee healing, particularly Warriors and Dks.

Ridiculous that it’s almost always the casters first to get nerfed…


All of the changes listed above are now live.


nerfing other classes mp5 but hpaladins epic balancing… :joy:

Be my last month paying for this garbage. Do yourselves a favor for the next expansion and do another stat squish to WotLK pre-patch levels and then revert classes to what they were at the time while adding a few new abilities, and then create PvE encounters that actually require use of the utility spells that never saw much if any use from the raids in that era. Your subscription numbers won’t tank within weeks of release (and you’ll still have all your cash shop garbage) since classes will have depth that make them fun to play and you’ll have an easier baseline to balance from.


maledict is not fine. I was alright with it because of the super long dampening meta but since mana regen is being nerf through the roof. The trinket needs to go.


disc players just reroll to protection paladin


No Maledict nerfs/Demon Armor nerfs ;^) oh well.


@Kaivax is that it? Nothing else? .-.

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Looks like blizzard been watching these streamers and seeing how much they complain about something and after enough complaining they fix it…To bad no streamers complain about the maledict trinket, i bet if steamer complained about the trinket they would hot fix that.


^ I agree with this

These changes are just straight up awful. Why touch Resto Shamans and Disc Priests who are all struggling to keep up with pallies, MW monk and the overlord Druids.

Druids should’ve received flat healing nerf for sure HoT’s are just wayyy too strong.

  • Fixed an issue that caused Discipline Priests to still be able to queue for ranked arenas, the queue button should now be grayed out.

Feel like Disc just got even worse lmao. Ezclaps in chat boys.

This changed nothing. Druid is still top tier by a mile, just games won’t last as long.


This is one of the worst round of hotfixes I’ve seen. Gameplay pace is extremely slow-paced and nerfing mana regen doesn’t solve that. Sustained damage and healing to low-performing specs needs to be brought up.

Low damage and low healing promotes slow gameplay and dampening playstyle. Nerfing regen just makes that type of playstyle more valuable. Now it’s even more important for teams to deal damage and dampen to give you the opportunity to drink.

It also punishes offensive gameplay, Priests and Shamans will feel like it’s a terrible idea to press their dispel button in fear of their mana reserves. And Druids will stay away from cloning FURTHER because clone costs so much mana. This is ridiculous.


It says 55% for druid. Reading is tough.

Druids already had a 40% mana regen nerf, disc had 15% but was still going oom about 10 times faster than Druids.