PvP helm not working as intended in SoD..?

For Season of Discovery, I’m rolling fire mage atm and something ain’t right, I tell ya hwhat.

in WSG living bomb ticks for 27 and fireball hits as low as 102 (no partial resist).
Living bomb ticks in PvE: 36
Rank 5 Fireball spell tooltip: 140 - 189 damage
Fireball ticks for 3-4 damage instead of 5.

The PvP helm reduces damage by 5%.

Living bomb tick: 36 * 0.95 (5% reduction from helm) = 34.2, rounded down to 34. Why is it hitting for 27…?

Fireball lowest possible damage without any resists = 140

140 * 0.95 = 133. That is a 5% reduction. Why is fireball hitting for 102? I have screenshots to show it was not resisted partially or anything like that. This is the case not just on one player, but all players.

Hunter’s have no % damage reduction rune, like a shaman would have for example with Rockbiter or Shamanistic Rage. No explanation as to why a hunter is taking such a large amount of reduced damage other than broken calculations by Blizz. Pretty annoying tbh - not sure if it’s just fire that’s affected this way.

Living Flame - Alliance

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I also noticed something weird on my shaman. I usually crit with lava burst for 300-360 in pvp and pve. In battlegrounds, it happens often that my lava bust crits will hit for 250-280.

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yeah it’s odd. I swapped to arcane blast and there’s very little dmg reduction (5% as intended) for people using the helm. Use fireball/fireblast? 20%+ reduction

Again, on classes that do not have runes to further damage reduction past the 5% from the helm

Seems the calculation for dmg in pvp is broken in ways, for certain damage types

I am investigating this right now, I am collecting data it seems that all spell damage is being reduced by about 20-25% in wsg. I am not sure if it is due to the helm or simply being in the BG. It is not just against hunters but every class.

Keep any eye out for my post tonight I will have lots of data to show.

Its also not even the helm doing it but WSG in general, I just confirmed it.

You know what you might be right. I also thought it was the helm making my damage lower. But it seems like a wsg bug

I know i am 100% right. I have logs to prove it.

Did anyone notice their damage 20-25% as physical at all? im having my friend test physical

im doing about a sample of 30 casts in and out of WSG for fire/nature dmg. Im just curious if anyone noticed physical being weaker too in and out of wsg.

Turns out all damage is decreased in WSG. I made a post about it in this bug forum. Please comment on it and let blizzard know your feelings toward the subject.

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very odd, alright will do