PVP gear prices in pre patch

everyone was so sure! now confirmed we get brutal for honor, question is do Dks get a pvp set in prepatch?


No just off pieces and weapons. Do we know exactly how much the S4 gear will cost and if it still wont require rating?


Just grabbed these from beta.


No, that set wasn’t added until Cata pre-patch.

My DK will be getting the 2h sword. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

No more BG marks! Praise Baby Yoda!

But, will previous gear get a reduction in honor cost?

Woah these prices for pre patch too!? nice. You didnt Happen to see the cost for Vegneful pieces too did you?

S1, s2, and s3 pieces are gone.

PTR is down at the moment. The same update is probably being applied there.

I didn’t check the tier vendors.

Oh wow, so you think only s4 will be available during pre patch? Thats sick though, BGs are about to pump all through pre patch haha

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Not sure if I read only S4 being available in that blue post.

It will be nice to gear up via BGs though!

On the beta (not prepatch) you can find Vengeful gear. I’m looking at it right now in Blade’s Edge.

Oh nice, I only checked Nagrand, org, and shat. Any price differences?

The legacy armor vendors (s1-4) are EVENTUALLY added to Area 52… That’d be the location I’d check on beta.

I checked A52 2 days ago on Beta for someone on here and the NPCs were totally missing, however, things may have changed with the recent updates.

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Hey any chance you could check if there is any gear available for a Death Knight to purchase with honor?

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Can you do that on the PTR ? Make a death night ?

Any idea how much the hunter only 1h axes are?

considering the 1h sword is 19k safe to assume the axe is too

hm, think so? the hunter only axes are cheaper than the typical 1h weapons during the season.