PVP at max level needs balancing

I used to enjoy PVP but now I play with someone with 10x my health and kills me in 2 shots. They do it with lower levels, why can’t they do it at max level?

I am not sure what balancing there currently is at lower levels that you are talking about, but I agree that there should be some balancing done in pvp currently. Previously, at least in BFA, Blizz did try doing this to some extent with PVP scaling. In my opinion this was not the answer however as it was just felt like server side magic where your screen shows you hitting someone for 20k, and if they were less geared than you, it only appears as 10k on their screen. (made up numbers). That just feels bad. Currently pvp is much faster paced that it was previously and gear matters a lot more than it did previously, which is I think the main problem you are running into. The good news though is that with the new pvp vender and all the honor quests + weekly events going on gearing in pvp is easier than it has been in the last few expansions. I for one am loving the new pvp gearing system, going from 120ilvl to 150 yesterday on my druid just doing a few BGs. Epic BGs are the way to go, I earned so much honor there that I was able to get I think 3-4 pieces doing as many epic BGs. That and if you can find a buddy to run BGs together with you, I at least think it is a really fun pass time.

My problem and I read some others. If a 150ilvl goes against a 250. you get creamed. When you get done upgrading honor gear, you need a rating in rated bg’s to upgrade you conquest gear. Never done a rated before and I don’t think that should be a requirement to upgrade. I just want to jump in randoms and be competitive for a few hours. They can make a ‘non hardcore bracket’ just for me, that would be fine.