PVE Servers Will See Pop Increase in TBC

A whole lot of players discovered that world PvP is nothing more than a gankfest for no-life try-hards and will be switching to PVE in TBC.

They’ll also discover that the people on PVE servers are generally more mature and fun to play with than the jerks PvP servers are full of.


So if all the jerks on pvp servers move to pve servers then will both server types be filled with jerks?

Will there still be no dev, gm or cs rep support?

Will teleport and fly hacking still be present?

Will gold selling and buying still go unnoticed by activision?

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Jerks can’t prevent you from playing the game on PvE servers. Or at least it’s far more difficult.


If they progress existing servers into TBC, I think most people will be more concerned with keeping their server communities together than switching server types. We’ve all made a lot of friends over the last year

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They might need to make more PVE servers or whatever.

I’ll still find PVP servers way more dynamic and dangerous and therefore more fun.

TBC PvP servers will be less sweaty because the best PvP gear isn’t tied to 40v1 ganking, it’s tied to Arena. You’ll still have some people rolling around for fun in murder squads, but NOTHING like what Classic “requires” them to do to maintain high rankings.

I agree that more people might roll PvE for a change of pace, but I think it’ll get stale for anyone who still enjoys the “Oh!” moment of seeing someone they can gank in the wild.

See what I mean.

So many snow flake crybabies now that they flag posts.

Lol what kind of man reports a post YIKES

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TBC makes server type irrelevant as the endgame is instanced with cap on participation per instance. Arena.

I’ll admit, when I rolled PvP back in vanilla, I had my own assumptions of what I wanted PvP to be. Reality was beat into me very quickly lol. That said, I enjoyed it immensely.
Fast forward to Classic launch…I didn’t expect it to be the same as vanilla, in fact I thought I was prepared for the worst. Luckily I no-lyfed the first 2 weeks. Was among the first few to hit 60, so I rarely came across ganking. I think I literally got ganked twice lol, both times when I was multi-pulling mobs.
Fast forward again to honor patch and up to today, nah, hard pass. Would not do again lol. Definitely going PvE TBC, not because I felt it was unfair or Blizzard should change the system. It is what it is, but it sucks big hairy buttz trying to level an alt normally unless you’re on a 90% your faction server.
PvP is fun though, and while my server is relatively balanced with a slight Horde advantage, I just don’t have the time to deal with massive roaming gank parties again when I have limited time to get what I want done in a given night. I got nothing against the gankers, a lvl 60 picking on a lvl 20 is part of the game. It was just taken to an extreme this time around that I will not deal with it next time :wink:


This is, IMO, the summary of why PvE servers may see an huge influx of players. On PvE servers, you do what you want. On PvP servers, you might have to do what somebody else wants. If some guy decides to gank you until you log, then that’s what’s happening if you can’t get help. That’s a tough pill to swallow for most regular working 30+ year olds.

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And I’ll still find PvP servers way more stressful and frustrating because being treated to corpse runs that are completely outside of my control is not my idea of fun.

Like imagine if there was a “PvP” version of Super Mario Brothers that, completely at random, just unavoidably killed you and there was nothing you can do to stop it. That’s what PvP servers feel like to me, because 99.9% of “world pvp” is just unfair ganks; nobody touches you unless you’re at a disadvantage and thus an easy kill.


Unless they cap factions I foresee a lot of one-sided pvp servers though. Mostly Horde which doesn’t bode well for those of us wanting to stick to Alliance. I’ll cross fingers for some proper population control moves by Blizzard, but have little faith in them properly implementing them.

you know stacking resilience is a bad game design. we dont need to tell you it would be a popular topic if BC was a thing.

weird. i win 100% of world pvp fights. the horde knows me by name and most run when they see me.

Yeah I can’t imagine TBC on a PvP megaserver, sounds like a recipe for disaster

I don’t think it’ll be a problem, WPVP is basically restricted to the raiding areas for the most part or some competition for gathering, i haven’t really seen the gank squads in a long time, its a lot like it was before the honor system was released where most people did their quests and left each other alone.

With TBC theres even less reason to roam around ganking with flying mounts, less rewards, and PVP areas within zones to keep them busy if they really want it.

I think a major factor is launch and hellfire peninsula. It will basically be an entire server in a single zone at once with everyone having similar leveling objectives. As much as things will cool down as time passes, the first month on a mega server is going to be a pvp gank fest.

Smaller faction leveling will be limited to dungeon spam at best, and a lot of people don’t like that. Even in the mindset of a dungeon spammer, if you have limited time and die 4 times on the way to the dungeon you’re gonna have a bad time. I think that would drive people towards a PvE server or away from BC in general.